Purely want to remember this one because it shows me just how patient God is in getting through to us and walking alongside us, willing us to understand….


You really don’t know me that well

I know, but you know me, isn’t that enough?

Why dont’ you take a little time, show me your day, spend a few hours, more would be better, but for now…

I’ll get interuppted, sidetracked.

I know. But you’ll like it, being with me. We’ll take some risks?

I’ll take some risks?

Not by yourself, with me.


To let you know who I am.

But you know me, isn’t that enough?

No. Friendship works two ways. If you know me, it will be better. I can hold you up because I know you better than you know you.

Then why should I let you? Why do I need too?

Because I care. If you know me just a little more… because friendship works both ways.


What I gained through drawing, I lost to music and books – now writing, thoughts, words, song, gush, music, praer and yes, books still. My refuges from teh stress of life. Perhaps that’s why I don’t draw anymore, maybe that’s what we use our talents/hobbies for? De-stressing.
A time, a moment to forget that you’re fed up with whatever, whoever – a place of escape… a pity we don’t focus on the prayer, talk to God, chat to God aspect of it more.

You aren’t going to resolve anything any way if you just shut out hte world for a little while. Pushing the problem to one side doesn’t work, eventually you have to return to reality. Prayer is the best – focus on God, then the problem/issue. God is good!


I got incredibly excited today.

I’ve been writing an essay on ‘My 5 Principles of Living’ and it’s forced me to go back and explore some of the things I value, some of the lessons I’ve learnt. I am finally begining to see and utilize some of my percieved weaknesses as strengths.
2 Corinthians 8:12 – “For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have.”
I will post it when it is written.

Anyway, this led me to go back and find some of my random scribblings from mid 2004, early 2005. I was just blown away at what stuff I put down, what I struggled with then and how I expressed it. A few in particular stood out to me, and for the matter of exploring where I’ve come from I’ll put some up here, under: Archived 🙂 and their respective titles.


It’s difficult to believe that it is still only April.

I asked that God begin to show me little things and have come to realise that we miss a vast number of them conciously or not.
In Creative Living (CL) Warwick was on about the ‘dance’ with the Spirit. Basically keep in tune – in step with God. We watched a short segment in class from (the movie) a Knights Tale. Where it was a 1-2-3 count. Amusing – a bit of a strange idea if you ask me. However, this morning was reading Romans 8:5 “…those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.”
It caught my eye because the word accordance was split and the lower line read: dance with the Spirit.
It also triggered a memory of a few days ago where Emily randomly laughed at the part in a Knights Tale – the 1-2-3 dance segment and I did not think then back to what Warrick said/showed us.

So an example to me of the little things God does – his purpose, his nature – to breach time, own time and have control over it, and the promise and answer of prayer to notice the little things God does.

We miss so much. If only we continually had our eyes open.


much of this was a personal reflection to God on some music, on how it triggered memories.

I dont think I’ll post this.

God took me, chose me and let me live.

that sums up the enormity of what I tried to say and still falls far short just like every other time.