Hello Blog reader, friend…

A few questions about this blog if you don’t mind replying:

  1. Do you read me? (this is for curiousity’s sake seeing how many of you who did get the link do read it)
  2. Should I, keep the Flickr photos thing… and all related comments around this?
  3. A question for those I know who do have blogs that I read, can I link to you – say I quote you or something?
  4. Should I put links to the blogs I read in the ‘other blogs’ link section? If so qu. 3 applies if you do blog.
  5. Does Bec stay up too late on msn? How am I going to help her go to bed earlier?
  6. Is there anything you’ve really particularly liked that I should do again so I have something to procrastinate with?
  7. Should I finished the ‘know through the senses’ thing I did ages ago?
  8. Should I find a tag board or something to put on here, or is that ‘cheap’ or ‘tacky’… why am I even asking.
  9. Would you prefer if photos are left off? Should I use more?
  10. Do you ever look at the other two blogs?

Now I guess you could complain that it’s my blog and I can do/put whatever I want on it, which is oh so true.

However I like input. I like comments. I like you and I’d like you to reply. and…
I can put whatever I want on this blog right?