Competition: who can find me through google (that is this blog) first? And how’d you do it?

8:45 start work
8:55 check shifts for the week
8:56 cut sick inside at being rostered again on a Sunday
9:00-5:00 think about alternative work options, muse over the grapevine news Dad shared that my old boss wants me back
9:30 get the guts and wait until she’s had her coffee then tell manager I’m not working Sunday
9:31 manager tells me I have to tell her before she does the roster next time
9:31 I tell manager a little more forcefully than smart that I have told her before
9:32 nothing else said, I go on my merry but bored way and continue working
11:12 surupticious hello to Dave as manager is lurking in the shop
11:15 break time, make Dave late back to work as I hold him up talking
1:00 lunch with Sam
3:00 hi to Darryn and Sam
3:30 rat incident out in the back office, Susan is freaked, I am completely unperturbed – looks like growing up where you catch them live and then petition with your dad to just let them go instead of drowning them counts for something.
4:00 break spent with Sam, cash in on free drink at Gloria Jeans
5:00 conclusio of really not so bad a day at work
5:15 drive with Sam to Croydon to pick up slides
5:45 pay criminal ammount for petrol after having erm trouble finding the lever to open the stupid thing… never filled my car up before.
6:00… dinner, online, shower, tv, online
11:30+ book, bed, sleep

NB: times approximate and probably really wrong.

Dymocks has until May, where it faces evaluation and me finding the sense to let them know I shall be quitting. It’s not always (or really at all) that bad a place to work but compared to MBO… well!

If Col will give me one day a week work (that’s all I’d want), I’d drop the books and run, just like that. Alternatively I shall take over mum’s book selling on Ebay or find out some other way to work from the comfort of home in my own leisure. I am not worried about being jobless, I am highly employable, but I’d rather be earning something consistantly and make yet another smooth transition from one job to the next.

If all else fails, I’ll cash in on the family reputation and become a checkout chick at Spotlight (so help me!). Other options include talking to Martin H about working/doing something for MECS (old school) as that appeals, busking (without musical talent, yeh that might not work), freelance wordprocessing (that’d be boring), going to market with Sam (yeah right you’d have to pay me a lot more than what she gets to make me do those hours), delivering mum’s junkmail (so shoot me) or decreasing all spending habits, which aren’t large anyway and start reporting non-income to Centrelink on time so I can be a bummy student that lives off the government, but I already do.

Oh wow! MBO’s website is brilliant compared to what it used to be (that’d be my fault) so much simpler and no I’m not being sarcastic, I like it a lot. Do you think I could $ tag some of my photos that got used? 😛 That’d solve the work issue.

I might even be admitting that I miss the old orange and purple :\


Bang. There goes all motivation for getting up early to finish that assignment.

“You all have an extension until 12 noon, Friday 5th May, 2006.
No extensions will be granted after this date.”

I could kiss her! Well. maybe not.

Post count for the 27/4: 2 of x.


My hectic social life seems to eternally be getting in the way of the important Solomons news. An outline (my outline) and take on things can be found here if you need a little context. So dinner conversation over some not so fantastic nachos wandered around aimlessly and found itself concerned with Synder Rini. This guy was the Prime Minister of the Solomons up until about yesterday, which is the news I’d missed.

The man with the smoothly suspicious name had an extremely loyal party who crossed the floor to the opposition thereby forcing him to step down. They did have the decency to ask him to resign first, a choice which was not a choice when you really think about it.

What gets me is that people literally danced in the streets. If they were so utterly concerned, why oh why didn’t so many of them vote in the first place!

An inside look on the methods of voting over there – not that I ever had the opportunity to, might help to be a citizen.

In the past each candidate got their own box. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of if you consider voting to be a private affair. Here is the key to why bribery used to work so well. If the bribee went against the money paying individual/group it was pretty much branded on their forehead by the time they even left the building (although I dare say it could’ve been held outside). I don’t like to think consequences, and I don’t know of any specific circumstances but yeah, it’s probable.

This past election they finally resorted to one box method, which in theory should make the voting ‘cleaner’. Of course fear is the ultimate motivator and bribery I’m sure can work without the clarifying.

So it seems Rini becomes the interim PM whereby the whole lousy process starts all over again. If a certain Mr. Wale got in I think I would treat myself to a very expensive present. Unfortunately I somehow doubt that will occur.


Ha, where to start? A funny old day. Jess’s car failed to start this morning, so I got to show off mine, it’s extreme lack of guts and subjected the poor girl to some Relient K which happened to be the only CD I had in my car. What a glorious change!

We a substitutor *cough* this morning as the normal tutor was away. Dare I say, we actually did some work. I quite enjoyed the stronger direction of the class, but there would be the J coming out in me. We did have to make flip-books in looking at animation concepts and it felt all very primary school in cutting up bits of red cardboard. I was extremely artistic and made a square move up and down. One of the guys, Ben is a leftie (left-handed) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so mutilate a piece of cardboard that unintentionally before. Of course I couldn’t resist commenting and so ended up doing his cutting as ‘pay’.

I simply cannot see what makes conceptual art worthwhile. Having to watch yet another documentry on a guy with whacked ideas while the tutor wanders off to do their own stuff is mildly infuriating.

I’m struggling a fair bit in my course actually in relating to what I can actually do, how I can benefit the world through something like multimedia. I’m sure there is something, but it feels drastically pointless. Needless to say I have not so far been inspired and talking about conceptual art further dampens any lasting light. I am seriously considering the option of changing courses by the end of the year. Please, please give me something I can use my head in. I am so sick of bludgy classes, indefinite deadlines and half learning things that don’t really interest me.

I and roughly four others showed up to the photography tute and soon got the distinct impression it wasn’t going to be ‘on’. I double checked and sure enough it wasn’t. We disipated. I ran into Bec on the way out and let her know what was happening, then called Jess who was in the middle of a tute.

An hour to kill, which = lunch. Such a rarity on Wednesdays! I succumbed to buying something and had settled down to be a loner with a library book, SUCH A NERD, when Jen and her friend Hannah noticed me. So much for the book.

Talk about strange conversations. I was talking a bit with God this morning about conversational opportunies and sure enough… never ask for something you aren’t willing to really get. Both are MLC girls (Methodist Ladies College) and eventually talk wound it’s way around to denominations. I have been trying to be as honest as I can about where I am coming from, I just hate it when I lack the knowledge to answer say, the difference between Presbyterian and Anglican. It’s not exactly the kind of distinction I’ve sat down to look at. Curiously, both girls treated denominations as totally different religions, which is something I did sort of set straight or erm, at least mentioned. I did get the, “Are you a Christian Christian, or an Anglican type of Christian?”. Vineyard is a frustrating denomination to explain, and hey being a transient MK I’ve been to everything from AOG to Bretheren.

Come to think of it, I was talking to Rhys and Ben this morning about theology, “What’s that?” and religion as I was explaining what I’d done last year. It surprises me that religion is such a ‘big thing’ to talk about at uni, people don’t mind it at all and we’re so freakishly post-modern that everything’s okay. What’s good for you is good for you.

Hannah soon bought up another common female topic of conversation. Relationships. I got asked the inevitable to which I gave the honest, ‘Alas and nay’ and then she very kindly tagged the, “Ever had to turn anyone down?” question on the end. Remind me again the reasons I avoid such games like truth and dare. Anyway, It turns out I’m not such a weird one, Jen has never done the boyfriend thing before either although (ergh this sounds harsh but its’ not meant to) um, I dare say my reasons a slightly different then hers. After the Christian comment I also had to take the very direct, “What about abstinence and stuff like that?”. Which was kind of cool because I don’t mind saying that I want to save sex until I’m married.

Another leap was made to, “What about kissing?”, as they both knew someone that was carrying the abstience thing down those lines. I am rather glad I have worked this one out. I never was very definite about the whole idea of not kissing until my wedding day and although there is some kind of aura around the notion, I really don’t think it’s necessary. Kissing should definitely not be something you enter into lightly. I think it’s another way of showing affection – okay it’s probably more than that, in a relationship. I would not like to find myself kissing someone I didn’t have some kind fairly strong commitment to.

Curious conversations.

Jess wagged her last tute and we ran into Isobelle, so we all went off to see V for Vendetta. I am slightly regretting seeing it now. It was good, but far too violent.

Jessies’ make THE BEST Satay chicken pizza in the world, add a bit of pineapple and you have a a gormet means by which to stuff your face while you’re sitting in your car stinking it out. Didn’t dare take it inside, or there would’ve been no leftover to speak of, let alone eat.

Pete got us talking about the word radical, split us into three groups and fed us questions: Define radical? What makes you radical? What is a being a radical Christian? I found it started becoming a bit of a ‘get to know you thing’ when we had to talk about the second which is not exactly a bad thing. It’s really hard to work out what makes you radical. Try it out and tell me, otherwise I’ve got a new conversation starter and I’ll get to you eventually. Back into a big group and had some good discussion around the collective thoughts.

Kat and I got talking about blogging, she said a certain other person (present) blogs and asked for mine, which I was perfectly happy to give her. Anyway, we drifted up the road to Macca’s after and I was talking to him about it (blogging) note: I did not ask for his blog-address.

Tonight when I got home I did something extremely stupid. “Google is your friend” All the time I was telling myself, “Don’t you dare Rebecca! You wouldn’t like it, don’t do it!” and I went and found it. Now I feel traitorous and rather bad and so will have to get to him asap to apologise. I am quite embarassed actually. I shall not read it until I get permission and I certainly don’t deserve it. It was very stupid and I rather regret it, because despite not really knowing him all that well I have a lot of respect for him. Stupid, stupid.

Oh yes, when leaving Macca’s I came out to find my car on much more of a distinct angle then where I’d left it, after a brief horrified, “I didn’t park that badly did I Jess!?” We realised it’d been turned, undoubtably by Cameron and Daniel. The ‘up’ windscreen wipers confirmed it, as did the highly amusing phonecall Jess had with them on the way back.

And thus concludes my day, another which you get to read about because I’m too slack to write on ideas and concepts at the moment. I forgot to call work again to check my shifts and so shall be hoping the trip to make the 8:45am start isn’t in vain. Perhaps I should sleep.


I was talking about my involvement with Gush ie: ‘history in a nutshell’ and some of the not so greats in being a mod today with hmm, no we wont name them. Anyway this person stands almost totally outside my online life, thank goodness (it’s nice to have a few) and hasn’t known me all that long and they said something about me being really patient. To which I sort of scoffed at in the politest way you can do when you are given a compliment. They were being quite genuine and I guess it got me thinking.

I am almost positive I’ve mentioned me and patience before, because as a general rule Rebecca and the big P word have done war fairly consistently over the past years. I am not, in my own eyes or head a very patient person although I am fairly sure I have improved slightly over the past couple of years.

I can look back with curiousity at a ‘blessing’ I was once given. It was a little unusual, it must have been just before or just after we came back from the Solomons for the last time. So I was about 15 perhaps. Johann is a close family friend and we’d been staying at his parents place somewhere up near Sydney. They returned the night or so before we left and on our departure Johann’s Dad asked my Dad if he could, I guess, say a blessing individually for each of us girls. I remember vaguely what Hannah’s was about, not Laura’s or Emilys but I do remember mine.

Patience. It was an extremely odd time to bring that up in my life. I can recall my sisters actually having a bit of a laugh about it as I’m simply not (or wasn’t) patient at all. I didn’t really get the relevance to then, but in a way I’ve seen it play out more and more.

It’s good to know that we are being prepared in some way for what’s ahead, it’s just a pity that we always seem to have to look backwards and find some broader context to know where God’s been working rather then seeing what’s now and relevant. At the same time I like that, we can’t fortune tell our lives and we can’t expect someone else to do that, be it God or human.

Perhaps patience plays a larger part in my life than I realise. Sure hope it doesn’t always have to be that way but thankfully the shaping of us does happen despite the growing pains.