What a fine day.

Wagged class and definitely cashed in on the sleep-in. I did only make it to 9:30 but then lay in bed for another hour, which is something I don’t normally. I justified it by a lot of of ‘thinking’ and acknowldeging the good lot of free hours I had ahead of me.

Made myself a decent breakfast and fed the dog around lunchtime. Poor dog.

Cleaned my room, not extensively but it’s looking far better and letting me, however strange this sounds, relax a bit more. Messy room = Bec is stressed out about something in some round about way, reflects the state of my mind I think.

I worked on some homework related stuff and didn’t get quite as organised as I had wanted to, but thats okay.

At 3pm I drove up and got Sam, we then went to fuel up. Its been a very long time since I put gas in a car – petrol yes but not gas, glad I was reminded (thanks Sam) that you have to screw it in beforehand or I would have been rather confused. Lalala. No I don’t ‘do’ the mechanical thing.

Out to Chateau Yerring (again) for afternoon tea (well coffee) and then I went and used up my film, which was the goal of the time aside from spending time w/ a friend. Sam messed with my digital – some mighty fine results I might add (hers, not sure about mine yet)

Returned home. Ate some dinner and then left to join Jess, her brother David and her dad to use up the free prescreening tickets I scored from Hoyts (above Dymocks) for The Worlds Fastest Indian not as bad as it sounds. Quite enjoyable really. The New Zealand accent of Anthony Hopkins wasn’t quite perfect and some of the jokes were very lame, but not bad, not bad.

The tyres on the blue car are crap. I skidded several times coming home (it being wet) and I was hardly going fast.

Did the present giving thing this evening as Laura has to leave at some ridiculous hour in the morning. Mum got me the 1001 Books you must read before you die book. I’ve flicked through it, and I’ve got a heck of a lot more to read yet :S Other noteable present was the tshirt (Laura also got one) with two Peanuts characters on it – one with glasses one without. This is mum doing something sort of tacky and lame and funny. We’ll have to be immature and wear them on the same day now. Same colour and everything. Haven’t done the dress the same thing for a long long time. Maybe she forgot we’re turning 20?


That’s two days in a row I haven’t done a post every day, be proud! Maybe I’m not addicted to this thing.

In reality, my life has been too full, too busy, too frantic that when I reach the, Get on the computer’ time my brain screams in rebellion and I sit on the chair staring at the screen deciding slowly what to do eventually realising that it’s stupid to waste more time in awake mode.

I have not really stopped once this week. I had to work today which I was rather miffed about and will refuse next time, I have told them I don’t want to work Sundays but they, “Really needed me” and I couldn’t work either Friday or Saturday. I made it to church for the first forty minutes, left after communion. I was rather glad that I could make it for that, as it only happens once a month opposed to the once a week of my old church. I think I might wag uni tomorrow to regain a bit of sanity and get myself organised. I should be slightly concerned, it’s what, week 5? of being at Deakin and I haven’t done my normal J thing of getting organised early, my room testifies to the same fact. I think I need to slow down. I think I’m also getting a bit sick.

Graduation was yesterday. We had to be there by 11am to get all ‘gowned up’ for the 2pm ceremony, we then weren’t allowed to leave the property for some reason – which left 95% of us lunchless and not all that happy. We ran through a rehersal and they got us all sorted for the group photo which I’ll get one day ‘courtesy’ of the College (or the $90 course completion fee I paid months ago).

It was fantastic to see almost everyone and I say that only because a few didn’t show up. The photo on the left is of a few of us hanging around killing time between getting ‘dressed’ and practicing. I felt very Harry Potterish (well, Hogsworthish) wandering around in a ridiculous black gown that had arm holes enough for four.

Katie and Jo, oh was I glad to see you both! It’s always funny how you don’t realise how much you appreciate peple until you suddenly see these friends who you haven’t seen for quite a while.

(On the left is the lovely Samantha and myself)

Jo said the accademic gown really suited me :S Yes thats right I plan on doing it at least 5 times. Ha yeah right. Well I’m getting there, two certificates so far and a bit of a degree.

So we ploughed through the formalities. The speaker they had was good and went quickly and was reasonably interesting which helped things immensely. They did all the awards first, accademic and all that. The only YITS awards given out were two honorable mentions, that went to Kat (Ringwood) whom I guessed would get something, Luke (Ocean Grove) and the actual award was for the all rounder person who ‘opitimised’ what the year was about ie: growth, involvement etc. it went to Dan (Berwick) which was cool, because that means I can be cool by association *cough grow up Rebecca*. Good on him rather 😛

‘So I’m certified now in Youth Development, whatever that means. (photo: Bec and Jo)

We inundated the Caf back at Tabor with chairs and YITS’ers and laughing and food after we’d escaped the afternoon tea congratulatory period. We should’ve clapped Rowan. hmmm.

The last lot of us hung around until 8:30, where we then went on to Jess’s to prolong the frivolity. A lot of talking, some Arrested Development, some massage lines and munchables kept us going for the next few hours. Then home, exhausted and happy.

Thats that. The last of anything vaguely offical Year in the Son wise. What a way to spend a year!