After talking with Henry (my friend’s dad/mechanic) and somehow describing what little mechanical information I took in this morning – okay maybe I described something as, small and white – he has diagnosed my car as potentially having a dud timing belt. Eg. Snap. Finis. No more.

This may turn out quite expensive.

Glum-diddly-um-dum .

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Something I haven’t yet officially participated in is what is known as a Blogging Meme.

Simply, it’s one giant game of tag amongst Bloggers. Last night I got tagged by Christina.

Six Weird Things About Me

  1. I am a non-identical, youngest twin. Laura has 2 minutes on me. I have 2 inches on her. As a general rule I rebel against most things twinish. Before you ask, the answer to, “Do you have ESP” is, “No”.
  2. Growing up I collected everything from: Dogs, Cats, Books, Fonts, Coins, Stamps, Horses/Horse Books, Stickers, Teddy Bears, Pass It On Cards, Bookmarks… I must have grown out of it because the only things I collect now are blog links and the odd coffee mug/latte cup.
  3. I can fold my tongue over like this (that isn’t me)
  4. I grew up in the Solomon Islands and I can speak Solomon Islands Pijin although not very well any more. While I’m on the subject, Meme means ‘mushy fruit’ in Pijin.
  5. The thing that most scares me is Karaoke.
  6. Tell tale signs for me being stressed out: I won’t have read a fictional book in a while, my room will be a much more of a mess than usual. NB: Sometimes things are this way totally separate from what is going on.

(and if I had to have a 7th, it’d be that I find it incredibly difficult if not impossible to properly scream)

and I shall tag the following six people:


General Meme Personality

flying carSome sources claim that January 22nd is the most depressing day of the year. Clearly this has to do with the masses finally realising that no, they didn’t succeed in keeping or making any effective New Year’s resolutions.

Today is Blue Tuesday simply because of my car.

The fat ugly thing wasn’t having battery trouble (well, maybe – but that’s not all). In fact the RACV man couldn’t work out what was wrong and he tried pretty much everything. He finally came to the conclusion that perhaps the timing was out on the engine, alternatively I think I just have a bung engine (that’s my personal prediction). So the only option left was to tow.

Now I am back at home, forever indebted to Laura for waiting for a good hour with me, waiting again for my car to show up.

Stupid car.

General Life

See this verse here:

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”
-John 15: 13

You cannot apply this to the car you drive – even if it’s been remotely faithful.

To cut a long story short – or it’s not that long a story, today I got my car back from having the radiator finally cleaned after the overheating episode. The cost was not overly significant but it still bruised my very-low-bank-balance. It was driving fine, I was happy.

Then I am coming home from Geoff’s less than an hour ago and the battery light comes on, “Right” I think, “Well I guess I knew I’d have to get a new one eventually”. So I’m approaching the roundabout and getting less and less confident as my car is getting slower and slower and I wind up half way through, with a very dead everything (except lights). So I manage to use my last tiny bit of momentum to get part way up onto the edge of the fire-brigade entrance, which comes onto the roundabout, and there it is: mostly in the outer lane, only partially off the road. Hazard lights on.

Two short bars of battery on my phone and I call Dad. He rocks up, it’s 12:00am and we push it off onto the nature-strip and leave it there.

The best conceivable deal I may get out of this is that someone steals my car at 2:04am precisely and I reap the insurance.

Stupid car.

General Life

fishsmall.jpgWow, to be hit with two whoppers of emails… (kind of).

The first was a link from my Dad about a job. Communications stuff (eg. Graphics) in a Church. I have considered it and did the harmless: sent off for more information. It would be a bit bizarre working at another church but what-ho, if it’s suitable and I’m suitable then well, it is quite possibly a very good thing.

The second email was from Stephen Said (TEAR) about a program I am invited to be involved in throughout the year, covering areas in: Stewardship, Reflective Spirituality and Active Spirituality… It’s a pending descision. It’s fee-less but does require a 12 month commitment and various meet ups. To be honest it would challenge me VERY positively. The question is, does God want me there for this year, do I really want that kind of challenge, can I afford the time (yes, silly girl), do I need to be involved in ‘yet another thing’?


Today I am also an official Swinburne Student and still a Deakin student until I un-enroll. For possible exemptions and credit on subjects, I have to make another trip in on Wednesday. Not sure if I’ll get any but lets hope so if only to save a little on my HECS debt. Crazy how different university enrollments play out – this was as laid back and small as Deakin is massive and organised. No mug ID card yet and I have to attend an orientation day. I also stopped off in Richmond on my way back and had a superb latte in a very-bec cafe ie: book laden, decent music, nice smell – if only coffee were cheaper!

It’ll be very very interesting to see how this year pans out.

I’m excited!

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