If you’re interested at all in world missions (particularly those in Asia) there’s a free book you can go and sign up for. I did a while back, and it came today.

Now I’m pretty sure the guy fairly strongly pushes his particular mission organisation seeing as he’s the founder and all, and I can’t say I’ve read it yet, but there you go, you can only try.

Revolution in World Missions – K.P. Yohannan


growing up

It’s just under two weeks that I’ll be moving out and I’ve begun to think half vaguely about packing. Why so early? Lets just say that at the moment my room is an utter mess and all of next weekend is consumed with a youth camp, then there’s the whole starting job, starting uni thing.

I have moved more times than I can count so it’s not a new experience. My current house is probably the longest I’ve ever been in one place (4-5 years) and I’m getting itchy feet. I quite like my room, I like my free internet, I like easy access to any book I can think of, I like my family – but it’s time for out.

Where work stands at the moment is that they’ll be ready for me in a few weeks. I’m hoping sooner rather than later or the money situation is going to get awkward. I also need to investigate all those other dollars things – Centrelink and the like.

It’s all good fun. Now I just need to go and find some boxes.

Life Out of Home

cat and cowWhen you search for images of ‘contented’ you get a lot of photos of cats and of cows (and a few strange looking babies).

So here’s to an amazing God, an easy smile and the whole cat and the cow thing (in that order).


dragonBig full on day that started early and has finished… well smack bang on average: late. Geoff turned 23! We went and did fun stuff with lots of different people, ate equivalent to small house and by observation he’s even more tired than I am. (He’s also got a preaching spot at church tomorrow!)

So after you go say nice things about him you can read on…

I’m not sure if anyone noticed the sky today but it was beautiful. I got home and had a quick look at trusty Google Reader and found Sammy’s post: God has ADD.

This is the POD (post of the day) for today. It is very simple, very real, and a very decent reminder. It’s both wonderous and almost sad that sometimes we need that nudge to remind us of God,

Look at me!

Remember me!

Hello down there?

At youth last night we tripleted off to talk about what we know about God and the two girls I was with, wound up having a chat about fear. The sky outside was pretty ominous and a little thunder was hanging around plus a fair ammount of wind. *Sarah was talking about how she gets so afraid of storms that she makes herself sick. I managed only somewhat effectively to turn the conversation towards the fear of God and talking about ways we can see God. Granted we didn’t get all that far as Sarah was insistent on relaying her various strategies to cope: taking her walkman to many places so as to ‘drown out the noise with music’.

In thinking about the fear of God (which I know has much to do with reverence – that’s the short version), but in aligning it with fear itself. Fear isn’t something that we can ignore. Not if it is big enough. It’s present, it’s very real.

Like Sarah, how would things be if we took some measures to ‘be prepared’. What would life be if we really feared God and acknowledged his constancy?

As Sammy has very much explained, knowing the presence of a powerful God is certainly not a detriment but something quite amazing and something quite beautiful.

*Name Change

Christianity Ministry Post of the Day

large060913.jpgAh the things you discover when you go looking – the things they don’t make all that clear. How misleading! How decietful! How silly of me not to check.

It seems that if I want to do industry placement with Communication Design (at 3rd year) – which I can assure you I want to do – unless I am a complete flop and cannot come up with a Credit average, (in which it becomes a non-option), then I am automatically obliged to do a fourth year honors.

Thats right four whole big fat long fun years at uni.

Ahh the delays, the setbacks, the already being three years out of school! My oh my! Does it never end!

(Shutup Rebecca and get into a course and finish something!)