I am online!

Geoff is the mighty genius behind the resolution. I’m sitting in my room and my email has been read and Google Reader is open and… ahhhhh!

Computers are not the same without the internet. Infact they are practically useless.

Life has not changed, it is still busy and I’m beginning to hit little points of: perfect homework = not quite as important as living.

As for blogging/writing while being offline, I couldn’t seem to find the time and I know heaps and heaps of interesting and somewhat random thoughts passed through my head and I still have a whole Forge conference to reflect on. Bit of a bummer for a ‘gap’ in the record, but it really was probably just one more thing I couldn’t fit into my already over charged mind.

That saying I will genuinely have to go back and read up and find out where I left you all.

Until shortly,

Rebecca – back in the land of communication, glorious time wasting with a world of information at her fingers.



Hello all. Shock horror, drop dead from surprise – it’s a post!

No I’m not back in the world of the internet but I can give an approximate date as to when, so hopefully look out for a post or few by next Monday. As it so happens, I have moved in and it’s all worked brilliantly except for the internet/wireless. So after the Forge: Dangerous Stories┬áconference this weekend, Geoff will have a stab and I’ll return to sitting online for hours on end – probably trying to process all I’ve heard during the weekend.

Basic update on life: Very busy but generally quite enjoyable.


decisive-by-loveloatherepeat.jpgWaaah. Too much on.

I’m no longer a bludgy-sit-at-home-person. I’m working. I also have evil evil homework and I’m in a rotten mood because I’m too tired. You might do to stop paying a whole heap of attention to this blog until I regain some time because it’s all going to be short and probably even slightly whingy.

Despite morbidity or at least frustration and exhaustion, I did enjoy being back at work. It felt nice to be doing something different and I gave myself three somewhat silent cheers after the first half hour. It’s changed a bit but still plenty of familiar faces. Had a good old chat to Ian (Grandpa of the office). Lots of it felt like I’d never been gone.

I no longer have my front desk and the coffee I made this morning was appalling. I forgot that I don’t have to bring lunch – it’s there. I’m more pro on the phones (and believe me I used to hate them and still kind of do) than before and think the whole ‘not being 18 anymore’ is serving me better in being in an environment like it. I’m still the youngest there and I still hate the ‘coming home’ at the end of the day – simply because it takes me a bit over an hour and a half AND by that time you just want sleep and dinner, maybe even simultaneously.

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