2033590_f329b4dde8.jpgI’ve been bashing around in my little house on my own these past few days and shall continue doing so until the weekend where I’m heading off to Tasmania with work for a few days.

A close friend of my housemate’s died unexceptedly a few days ago – it’d be good if you could pray for her and for the girl’s family.

Tonight I’ve had a crack at making some homemade baked beans. We used to eat them now and then in the Solomons (influence of friends from the US). I didn’t have access to the recipe I know works, nor the time to soak pinto (etc) beans for over a day. So I scoured the internet and found this recipe.

I have added celery, used crushed tomatoes instead of tomato sauce, used brown sugar instead of molasses (only because I know other b-beans used brown sugar), minced garlic not cloved garlic a four-bean mix instead of pinto beans. Creativity….

It’s cooking now and smells rather good.

Unfortunately I pulled the glass cover off of my opshop casserole dish and put it in the sink and it decided to crack quite spectacularly on me because of the temperature change. Oh well…


Yesterday I took my small group – year seven girls, out for afternoon tea, and I had a blast.

Today I found out that one of them blogs. No, not just Myspace, but WordPress. How savvy is that! It even looks good.

I am proud.


Blogging Church Ministry

02.jpgWith a holiday to have, an engagement party to throw, a wedding to plan, a house to find (none of this on my own of course…) I still find a lot of satisfaction in being organised.

Theoretically this could play out in several ways.

As much as I love computers there is nothing quite like good old fashioned paper for making to-do lists. So there is paper. I strongly advocate its use. It is recyclable, cross-offable, portable, not dependant upon technology or an internet connection.

When it does come to technology and being organised I have discovered the following tools.

8apps Orchestrate – An online task list. I think use is by invitation only (let me know if you’re interested)

Google Calendar – You need a gmail account (also by invite – ask), you can set it up to msg (phone) you reminders, or email reminders and you get a fantastic month-by-month or however you choose to customise it overview. Quite ideal for setting ‘reoccuring’ appointments. The other appealing thing is that it can all be categorised by colour.

I spent hours during my final year catergorising things by colour. This is something that seems to work well for my visual memory. It must travel the same lanes as: remembering that a CD is a certain colour but have no idea of the name and so on.

All Consuming – I use this to track the books I’m reading. Thats as far as I take it, the place is much more an online community but I haven’t bothered to delve in and ‘get it’. All Consuming stems off of 43 Things (which I don’t use) but that’s a life-goal setting etc. tool.

Something I came across recently is the PocketMod.  I haven’t used it yet as my printer spat the chips and after I’d gone and bought a new cartridge, I was to busy printing assignments to bother. This little paper thing that has evolved from a technological standpoint is fully customisable (think Google Calendar), retains the to-do list as needed (think 8apps) and can supposedly fit whatever your individualistic requirements require.

I am about to investigate online gift registries and I am familiar with things like amazon wishlists.

What other useful organisation tools do you know of? Online or offline. What’s the best out there?

Now to share my hypocracy – I am sitting at my computer with The Cat Empire playing still in my pajamas, it is nearly lunch time and I haven’t even eaten breakfast.