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Starred Posts: Late Jan – July (Design)

Crikey, it’s been a long time since I’ve done this, and I’m going to pay because there are 60+ well worth going-to posts sitting in Google Reader waiting to be shared. I think I’ll should make this a monthly/bi-monthy effort. But hey, I’m on this beautiful new machine so I might as well hit the list.

To change it up a bit this time I’m going to somewhat categorise the links. As you might have guessed I do read particular types of blogs, design features up there oddly often in the shape of interiors (rather than graphics) I think it is my secret lust of pretty yet functional things. I’d love to have a house I could do anything to and the money to match. Alas I shall for the moment content myself with saliva inducing photographs. Anyway as I was saying, design isn’t probably the highlight of everyone’s day – regardless you should at least venture in to just ONE of these posts if only to expand your mind even if it constricts and flees with horror.


And that’s all for the design line up this time around, more ‘other’ coming later.

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  1. nakedpastor says: March 31, 20088:15 pm

    thanks for the comment on The Narrow Way. cool site.

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