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Frying pan Frittata

frittataI had eggs to spare, the odd potato, leek and a bit of leftover sour cream and cheese… and I somehow managed to buy about three lots of onions. So this was dinner, perhaps not the most healthy of things, but it’s got veges, so I guess that’s something! It was easy and fairly quick.

Brown leek and onion in some butter and a little brown sugar (Go the caramelisation!). Add some minced garlic (or real, but mine didn’t seem to have any flavour so minced it was!)

Meanwhile, cube and cook one sweet potato and one normal potato in the microwave for 5 mins or so.

Put the potato in the fryingpan. Add some parmesan cheese… again I didn’t have any nice stuff left over so it was just the dried smelly kind.

Use up your eggs (I used 7 of them), beat them a little. Throw it in the pan with some sour cream (also left over). Salt and Pepper. Cook it slowly so as much of the mixture gets cooked through. Then put the whole pan under the grill and finish the top off with the tiny bit of cheese that is also left over.

It tastes REALLY good.

All this can be done on the most crappest of electric stovetops. If you have gas you’re laughing… hey even if you have an electric that has a proper gauge you’re laughing.

Gosh this kitchen sucks. But the Scanpan is pretty much the best thing ever invented.

  1. Paul says: October 28, 20088:11 am

    How very bachelor-esque. I’ve been making that one for quite some time.

  2. jaclyn says: October 28, 200810:12 am

    mmm.. i had forgotten about sweet potatoes! I might buy some tonight… thanks for bringing it back to my head.

  3. katie says: October 28, 200811:12 am

    yay for scanpan :) its definitely my favourite kitchen item as well

  4. Susannah says: October 30, 200812:46 pm

    you can grate the potatoe too, and put it in around the same time as the onions. The if there are left overs- use it in a sandwich the next day.
    And a green salad covers the cholesterol sins from the cream and egg

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