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Spice Jars



Yesterday I went to Ikea.

And decided to get spicejars to organise the spice drawer which was slightly appalling. Now I can buy spices in bulk as needed (small bulk), which makes things cheaper.

I really liked these ones, but at $5 a jar decided that perhaps not, and got these at $3.50 for 4, besides at the moment and for the foreseeable future they are living in a drawer. Makeshift handwritten sticky labels – until I get my act together and make nice ones – which may never happen.

I did discover that we somehow have three containers of Paprikia… who needs that much paprika, ever! And hardly any Rosemary. I also probably needed to buy one more pack of jars, although cayene pepper probably doesn’t need to be in a jar that big.

I should have taken a before photo, there were half opened packets and a sizeable pile of mixed up spices spread across the bottom of the drawer along with toothpicks and all sorts of strange things.

  1. Emily says: July 10, 20099:13 pm

    to buy spices in bulk go to an indian grocer…way cheaper

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