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Weight and embodied water

coffeeA little while back I talked about Wii Fit Routines, since then I have used the wii fit relatively frequently – not quite as often as I’d have hoped but we’re getting there and definitely more effectively. Although no massive weight change, my efforts have paid off in how well I can do particular things such as the 10+ minute jog getting my 57% burn rate to a 112% (I don’t think over 100% is mathematically correct, but that’s for the machine and I to argue about, nor do I know how they calculate these numbers – I think probably on how consistently and steadily you run). The whole routine thing, now that I’m back at uni, is starting to settle in.

As you may have read over on Geoff’s blog there is now a ‘competition’ running with my in-laws to pull the body weight down before Christmas. Mostly as a bit of motivation. I don’t need to lose more than about 5kg so I probably can’t win, but the motivation of a competiton is a good one regardless of the prize (Which is good, but not the real draw card). Unfortunately I’m beginning to suspect that there is one little aspect of my diet that if I altered, could have a relatively decent impact without me doing a whole lot.

Cut the coffee.

I also discovered this past week that coffee has horrendously high embodied water which makes me quite sad (140L per cup!). Embodied water is all the water that goes into making something/a product. If you really want to save water, you can keep having those 3-4minute showers but you really need to work address embodied water as that’s where the biggest change can be made. Yes, your consumption of products affects water. And water is fast running out. We’re in the shits hitting the fan stage. It’s a much bigger problem than advertised.

So will I cut the coffee? Perhaps not all of it, but I will limit the intake somewhat and opt for tea. Although I hate paying for tea when I’m out, I always get the idea that I’m just paying for a little bit of flavoured water… but I guess that’s better than 140L buckets arriving at my table.

Check out more about embodied water on Water Footprint

the awesome coffee infographic is from here

  1. Jonny says: August 26, 20093:14 pm

    How much embodied water does tea have in it? Is it like it’s caffine level? Ie. Significantly less than coffee?

  2. Rebecca Matheson says: August 26, 20093:28 pm

    :P you didn’t check the website!

    Tea is about 30L as opposed to coffee’s 140L

  3. Rach says: August 26, 20093:41 pm

    What about meat? That uses more water.

  4. Mark E says: August 26, 20093:50 pm

    Just stop eating food. you cant stop drinking coffee….that is just not reasonable.

  5. Christina says: August 26, 20099:11 pm

    noooo….. please don’t call me into account for coffee. Surely if I don’t eat beasts and birds that should offset a cup or two a day?

  6. Rebecca Matheson says: August 26, 200910:28 pm

    yep Rach is right. Meat is way worse. I think you’re doing a lot better than me Christina.

    I’m secretly glad rice is so bad hehe

    And Mark, you’re SO right :P

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