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— all said and done


I have been a remarkably lazy blogger over the last year…two.

I intend to redeem myself. AFTER we move house. What kind of stuff would you like to see, it’s been so long I can practically reinvent myself!

  1. Bek Howard says: January 20, 20128:45 pm

    Well since your having a baby I would love to see updates about being a mummy! But I definitely think it’s important to have a direction other wise you have more chance of falling off the face of blog world (which it seems you have done). I love your style on etsy so maybe you could bring through a bit more of that.

  2. Bek Howard says: January 20, 20128:46 pm

    Oh I didn’t mean to say etsy I meant pinterest.

  3. Amanda says: April 25, 201212:46 pm

    You’ve moved now, right??

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