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— all said and done

Bec, 26.

Since getting married to Geoff she has succumbed her name to the internet. She doesn’t know why she didn’t earlier – possibly because her old last name was too unique. Her background is also fairly unique, having trespassed the Pacific for the far from glamorous role of Bible translation for the good part of her growing up years. That and she’s a twin – not identical. So not identical infact that she has never ever, ever dreamed of becoming a midwife, nor is she telepathic.

Christian because she likes Jesus and his hard truth and not because she likes happy feel-good feelings. Not always very good at it but as it happens to be woven and stuck, jammed into her identity (willingly).

Designer at Blick Creative. Web and print.

In her spare time, Bec wastes hours online reading blogs and finding interesting things. She thinks too hard, reads a large variety of books, enjoys taking photos, makes a mean latte and dabbles in experimental cooking.

Her goals for the year are to continue to experiment with different mediums – and put her hand in the pot called ‘sewing’ (to what extent is yet to be seen) and maybe even print making. Continue learning more about design and continue to enjoy working in the industry.

One day Bec would like to travel to Europe (possibly even live there for a bit), never rent again and maybe even have a baby or two – but as we all know these things are all rather far down the track (Baby due June 2012) and it’s probably safer they stay there.