As Dwalin from the Hobbit kindly reminds,

“You will have to manage without pocket-handkerchiefs, and a good many other things, before you get to the journey’s end.”

I am in the midst of a terribly crazy last week (now) of packing to move. Geoff is on his intensive and I have plenty of other things I have to do as well as things I would like to do but don’t have time for. It’s not exactly the most relaxing of Christmas Holidays but then again not all of them have ever been that relaxing. Thus the absence of things like Illustration Friday (which will resume when things settle down) and the low to none content on this blog.

I have also had my first interview – which I think went quite well, although I don’t think the job is really quite what I’m looking for. It would in many ways be easier if I don’t get it, but we shall see.

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This lack of understanding compounding
my tiny brain.

How can I understand a child
before I am a mother
How can I understand a man
so dimly tangible

God man.

Help me find you through your birth

This frailty a point more clear
and at our mercy to choose
day in, day out
-too often I do not choose

Help me to choose
The word
Who has become flesh
and dwelt among us
while you seem more near
(Or at least while you are smaller)

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You haven’t got *good Christmas music if you don’t own Songs for Christmas – Sufjan Stevens. I particularly like how little credit he gives to Jingle Bells. It’s a super cd. Peace: Songs for Christmas, Vol. V (recorded June 2006) is my favourite of the five volumes. It has the the three best songs: Holy, Holy, Holy | Sister Winter | Star of Wonder.

*(If you have Handels Messiah you might be doing alright but you should vary it up with some Sufjan goodness anyway)

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Pleased to report that we have our housing sorted for next year! We will potentially see if we can get out of our current lease a little bit early but might have to play that one by ear. If that’s the case we’ll can potentially move around the Christmas period. Which could be a bit crazy, but considering the whole of November through January is going to be totally out of whack with Geoff on intensive and me job hunting and everything else, I’ve decided that a little bit more of crazy wont make much difference. I am looking forward, oddly, to sorting through our crap and whittling everything down before moving. I intend to be ruthless.

And while I’m talking about houses, check out:

The Clingstone House. Oh my gosh it’s awesome!

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