xocaiThis semester I am taking a class on Branding and Identity. Although not very far into the head space, I’ve had some exposure to Brand beyond just logo and hey, I have half a brain on me.

That is why last night didn’t work.

As a favor for a friend, Mandy (a friend of ours) hosted a ‘healthy chocolate’ party for a product called Xocai.

I am quite naturally a big cynic, so like every old sales party, I sit through it for laughs and free samples and never buy a thing. They make me edgy but are rather amusing at the same time.

The Xoçai logo speaks of energy and probably runs on par with something like Powerade. I don’t particularly like the logo, it’s too slasher or samauri sword and you cannot pronounce the product name…

But then comes the antonym of marketing. Xoçai – an angry, energetic power logo is being marketed tuperware style with the swishy happiness of sharing the chocolate we all love.

I don’t eat chocolate for energy. I eat it because it feels good, is comfort food and it goes exceptionally well with coffee.

Xoçai is non-guilty healthy chocolate, there isn’t a problem with that – but their sales pitch attempts to plug the chocolate of enjoyment while their logo simultaneously demands that you eat it on the run, just doesn’t work.

So if brand encompasses logo, lifestyle, marketing and generally the whole package, then Xoçai doesn’t really cut it. The fault here lies with a lack of collaboration between, design, marketing and business strategy.

…it doesn’t really taste very good anyway.

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If you do nothing else today, watch this video (link via theLongbrake). I was sucked in by the ‘Auki – Solomon Islands’ tag in the preview as I lived over there for a few years. But just wow. I nearly cried watching this, it’s so fantastic.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

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1865Taste.com is a fine website.

I made this tonight. I used fetta not goats cheese and added some rosemary. I love the tail end of Thursdays, it’s a lazy evening. Geoff is at tennis, I can steal his Ipod, sometimes there’s good stuff on TV, sometimes just crap. I might admit to watching Friends and Two and a Half Men at times.

Today I re-started The Shack and have finally gotten into it, it seems I had come short a few pages prior and it suddenly got exciting. I still think the writing feels awkward and isn’t up to really decent fiction, but I am willing to persist because I’ve heard good/interesting things.

I finally received some uni marks back today; I did reasonably on my sustainability essay – not brilliantly – namely because I was short on examples, and I did pretty wonderfully on my web (If I might say so… it’s the best mark I’ve gotten for quite a while so I’m going to brag), my tutor told me that if I wasn’t already married he would marry me, nice nerd-girls must be in short supply. I’m really quite happy with Geoff!

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