Too much to think about, pray about, do etc…

First, Psalm 57.
Opened Bible tonight, read that and felt God saying to me – stop don’t read any more tonight, just think about it. So I did, after a mini debate with myself: ‘would God want me to stop and not read any more?’
Simply put, the chapter is about crying out for God’s help, his love, faithfulness and mm… to me, finding peace in him among the crazyness of the world, or in tonight’s case – my mind.
God is first, slow down and keep things in perspective.

My big challenge for tomorrow and a concern for tonight is yet again based around these silly accountability groups. I am doing stuff with Katrina and Jo now and basically I need to talk to Sara and Kat to let them know what’s going on and frankly I am semi freaked because I don’t have a clue what to say. I do not want to offend them or yeah, put out a ‘rejection’ idea. I love them to bits. They are just not girls I normally hang around with.
Deep down it feels a bit of a cop out. I should probably first go talk to Tilla. Ah dear, God I need the words and just a little (to understate) – a lot of courage. I am a wimp.

Thank you God for Katrina and Jo. Abba, I’ve wanted friends, close friends for such a long time. Please Lord let this word. I want it so bad….

“Be exalted O God, above the heavens, let your glory be over all the earth” – Ps 57:11

And there, I have far less to think about than I thought. God you hold tomorrow just like you do every other day. Let me know your presence.

General Life YITS

Its strange how things all seem to fall into place at the same time.

I have a job. First application, First Interview, First Job. Full time reception/admin and some design work at an interesting business. The people I met were friendly. The only real draw back is that I have to travel 1.5hrs by train/tram to get there. So this is during the holidays – I start on the 6th of Jan. I can only hope and pray that it continues into next year.

Uni courses, I feel pretty good about it all, none of my friends are going through crisies atm. God is good.

Im not freaking out about friendships/realtionships… it seems right now that God has it all completely under control. He’s given me patience, hope and peace.

Yeah things are never completely smooth sailing. Time frames the portrait of change, and God uses that. I have changed a phenominal amount since last year – since three years ago.

Christmas this year although it doesn’t feel like Christmas is a better season than last year, and although its not completely the season ‘to be jolly’ – the sadness isnt there anymore.

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Well, I wrote this down – must have been on the 15th. and I think I might just copy it.

Coming home from Grandma’s, was looking at the Christmas lights. I think most of them are pretty ugly – gaudy. Mum makes a big fuss over them. Really the nicest ones are the simple ones. No santas, no flashing pulsating lights, not in excess. Anyway, I looked up and the sky is brilliantly clear – stars. It sort of struck me that, that’s God’s perfect Christmas decoration. I mean really it’s perfect. 🙂 God has good taste. Even better, these decorations aren’t taken down, they are there all year round. Its a cool reminder, that wow. what an amazing gift we have been given and why dont we take that time ‘not just at Christmas’ to remember.

Hannah I doubt that you’ll ever read this, but this is what I was thinking when I was saying how I dont like various decorations. You calling me ‘the Grinch’ had a purpose.

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