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Geoff and I made the early trek to the opening of the Apple store in Doncaster. Geoff also made it to the Chadstone one, which probably classifies us both as nerds – be we knew that anyway. Was quite a pleasant wait with free wifi (from Apple) which I made use of on my new phone and a fair-trade latte which was surprisingly good despite it coming from Jamaica Blue. So we were in about the first 60 or so people to get in and got our free tshirts – they are rather huge. I had to laugh at the 4 very nerdy looking guys who had camped out overnight to be the first customers… they were very wizard of oz when they walked in (Think linked arms, hi-ho hi-ho lets do this together etc…). Sadly my friend Jess (who has a job there) was sick this morning so we didn’t get to see her run around like crazy screaming – that was disappointing indeed, did however see Ryan whom we know from YVV. So yes, *taps nose* I have friends in high places.

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