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— all said and done

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Something quick to actually get things happening. Made this scarf. It worked fairly well – I’ve never ‘felted’ before. I.e. buy old woolen jumpers from the op-shop and then wash them in a hot cycle to shrink them… not sure if they shrunk quite as much as they should have but I don’t have a dryer to get them that extra step. Cut circles (or whatever) and sew them zig-zag all the way down. Next time I think I’ll make the scarf a tad longer, this used 30 circular pieces in total. 10 of each colour. I also have navy blue waiting to be used and there is STACKS of leftover material. I could also possibly be a tad neater on my circle cutting but no harm in smoothing things out a bit later. I just wanted to make something. And I have. Pretty happy with the effort.

*Next time triangles???

(Definitely assisted by my bargain jacket purchase… sadly not so eco friendly. But do love 50% off. One day I’ll work out how to sew jackets. Slowly, slowly)

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