I will post up here my ramblings from tonight which I hope to pass off as a New Testament journal entry thing. This was after reading Colossians. This might also explain my ‘sound of horror’ (That noise I made in gathering – no Jo, you didn’t hurt me, the massage was VERY nice – I just was a bit louder than I intended in my ‘ahh’ when I noticed something Jacqui said that all nicely linked up with the ‘mysetry’ thing.)


There is an overwhelming sense of misplacement in the book of Colossians. Paul and Timothy – this is a letter from prison and an entirely un-natural expression of thankfulness and encouragement. My response to being jailed would hardly be that of encouraging the external world. Paul scarcely mentions his imprisonment and focuses on doing God’s work right where he is. This is admirable and encouraging in itself without the further message of Colossians.

We spent a good deal of today’s class talking about ‘powers’ particularly money. Rather than further follow the thoughts I had then, Col 1:21-22 jumped out in regards to recent conversations and further understanding of a friend grappling with self-esteem. Alienation from God and being enemies in our minds is what happens when you are continually inward focused and concerned about what the outside thinks of you. Self-image is a power that like any other can be reconciled to Christ. We are holy and free from accusation, and although she understands the whole ‘Child of God thing’ it is a promise – a fact that is quickly forgotten in light of surrounding pressures. I can and probably should share some of this with her.

Chapter One has also played an interesting role in adding to my continual discovery during this week around ‘God’s mystery’. God has chosen to make known his mystery – Christ in us. I have been reading Daniel and keep arriving at, “there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries” (Dan 2:28). It was mentioned again today in gathering. I have been a little unsure as to where this was all heading and I can’t help but wonder if this ‘Christ in us’ thing is something I need to more fully look at. That, or God is affirming to me who I am and my role as a Christian. C.S Lewis describes us a being ‘little Christs’. I understand what this means up to a point, but really living and knowing it is not always the easiest thing to grasp.

Chapter Two points out to me that Paul’s love for the people at Colossi is deep and genuine. You do not struggle for someone unless you sincerely love them, this provides credibility and enhances the encouragement all the more.

Paul’s final greetings bring the context of the letter back into focus. Some of the characters mentioned display admirable qualities, what if we had people around us that ‘wrestled in prayer for us’? And what more can I do for the others around me to build them up?

I find that the book of Colossians does centre on how to live more Christ like. It presents ‘rules for holy living’ that makes them look less like rules by cloaking them in support and understanding. Paul’s love is clear through his writing and so his words are effectively persuasive without being pushy.


Today. Have been having an ongoing conversation with Jess W about moving out of home next year. To be closer to uni, to (well for me) loose some more of mum’s apron strings, to get to know another lot of people really well. A couple of options seem to have presented themselves in the past few days. Both tentative. Both dependant upon me finding myself another job. Ho hum, I dont want to think about that right now. Haven’t discussed any ideas with parents, Dad’s in the US at the moment anyway – and mum would have kittens. Still need to think about things more. I also have to work out what I’ll do with my dog if I do move out – stupid dog 😛 things would be easier if someone else took at least partial responsibility of owning him.
We shall see.


Something from class today which I think is important not to forget:

“The cross is not a contract for sin alone, but a covenant for life”

In relooking at this, really helped to fit the pieces of disjointed theology back into place. By this I mean confusion about where ‘good works’ fit into life.

You cannot by any means earn your way into heaven, or earn God’s favor. And when asked by Mon the other night about where does this ‘character thing’ fit into the Christian life, I gave a bit of a sloppy answer.

I don’t think that it was very clear at all in my mind – the why’s. I grapple quite frequently with the why character build?, why put in effort? complexity.

To steal the phrase, ‘God’s lifestyle’ – this is what we should be aiming at. Not trying to please God (to ‘love God’) with the intention of doing it on our own, for ourselves even, or others. Thi is for how we choose to live now, living life as an ongoing pursuit of Christ.

And how can I at all do this?

God’s lifestyle (right now) demands of me to know more of who God is, what is his nature and from then it’s all ‘follow the leader’.