Lets start setting a record for how many blog posts I can make in a day.

Below are part of the lyrics to a James Blunt song Tears and Rain (he who sings so high it’s scary, dont’ like him that much).

I guess it’s time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,
All pleasure’s the same: it just keeps me from trouble.
Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.
I’ve heard what they say, but I’m not here for trouble.
It’s more than just words: it’s just tears and rain.

I point them out because I’m reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde at the moment. It’s a truly facinating book. I don’t think I’ve quite reached the horrors of Dorian’s worst yet.

Simply reviewed: Dorian Gray this rich, good-looking everything etc. young man has his portrait painted and then wishes that he could be “Forever Young” (insert other song lyrics here). All his misdeeds are represented facially in the portrait and his body stays perfect, thus he finds licence to go and do ‘terrible things’ be unfeeling etc… because the world can’t see the evidence of his cruelty and misdemeanor. I think it gets far worse, I’m only a bit over half way through.

The books says a lot about shame and choice and life and masks.


Dear Rebecca.

We don’t process E6 on site, it leaves here on Tuesdays and Fridays so if you dropped off a film on Saturday it would leave Tuesday and be back on Friday of the same week. The pick up is usually around 10.30am.

24 exp $12.95
36 exp $16.95

Develop only $8.95

Croydon Camera House

Crapsticks! I need it by Wednesday! Now I’m going to have to go into the city, sometime… ARGH. Burkie, help! Know anywhere that does 1-2hr processing like that?


How to convey my annoyance?

Well. Stupid Rebecca did not check how much RAM she had. So she couldn’t install Photoshop.

Techonology is the blackhole of wallets. More RAM should be here in a few days. How annoying. I do not feel like being patient today and I do not appreciate having to spend more money. It had to happen, but still.

I managed to steal a sibling for a photo or two, but Emily can’t run very fast and I doubt the others could either (don’t ask) so I can’t do the last bit, need to wait for Dad or someone (hey Sam?) to ride a bike past me. It’s also still too bright to use the shutter speed specified for about four of the shots. Stupid assignment.

The aspect of non-digital that I really hate is how you can’t see if the photos turned out how you wanted them to until you finish the damn roll and get it processed. By then if you’ve screwed anything up you’ve wasted about $20. One day I’ll get myself a digital SLR but until then I’m stuck with two very mediocre cameras, each not quite what I’d like. Not that I have a choice with this unit. Bah to down the line old fashioned photographers.

I am minutely stressed. That’s under exaggerating. Sam I will be maybe sending a ‘Get down here’ message your way later this evening or tomorrow morning…. but at the moment you’re out 🙁

Tonight I will scrounge some dinner, find a DVD and pig the chocolate. Any one want to keep me company? What a frustrating day and what happened to all the time?


Seeing as it’s on my list of things to do, and I promised I would eventually get around to it, this ‘comment’ is in response to the, Let’s Talk about Sex post over on Paul’s blog.

First, because I have absoultely no idea where my rambling will take me I shall point out the this sentence:

“I don’t want sex without the promise of forever.”

Whether you see the funny side of it or not I don’t really care. I found it amusing.

I do however know exactly what he’s on about, I’d be as thick as my elbow if I didn’t. That and I utterly agree. I’ve talked a fair bit about ‘only one’ and Mr. Right and those topics and I somehow hope that my opinion of how sex should be only within the context of marriage, has shone through. If not I’m stating it here as black and white as the text lets me: Sex belongs within and only within marriage.

Although a tangent from Paul’s focus of speaking to a group of Christian youth, I do not think that we can ever impose morals or ethical issues such as this upon those coming from an alternative position. By this I mean that Christians live under a different set of ethical (bit hesistant to use that, perhaps moral works better) standards. We cannot bind those from a strictly secular position by something that does not really have any relevance to them. Aside from the common ‘Safe Sex’ talks that go on in schools and around the home where ‘The safest sex is no sex’ catch cry lodges in the throat as being distinctly stupid (No sex is no sex basically, you can’t change that!) the fact of ‘saving yourself’ is a personal choice when you have no God to honor or Biblical morals to follow.

By this I certainly am not saying that all ‘non-Christians’ have no morals or restraint, nor am I saying that they choose unwisely as I think there would be people out there for reasons of their own choose that to wait. Many Christians stuff up the sex thing big time. I am simply stating that they (secular) are not bound by what we should be considering differently.

Please note that I used the word standards rather than obligations previously. Christianity should never be lived legalisticly. Rules do come into it, but it’s probably better to look at it as lining up with what we believe God wants us to do rather than the ‘thou shalt not’s’. This lets the Christian life centre upon a relationship rather than a stone tablet.

Living a God honoring life sets you to where you need to be assessing a couple of things. Firstly what does the Bible say about it all. It’s a pretty good place to start, seeing as it’s the primary method of communication by being a story about how God has worked through history which really shows his view on a lot of things. Secondly, where do you fit in this God picture, where does God fit, where do others fit and what happens with the interaction there?

I don’t think being a Christian makes it any less easier to ‘wait’. But if the issue of sex and marriage is looked at, weighed up and not just another law to follow you do end up with some kind of a reason for your self control and here is where it should make the difference.

Might look at the Biblical view of Sex some other time so at least I’ve got it up here in front of my face but that will do for now as my brain has imploded.


It is to say the least INSANELY frustrating when everything refuses to cooperate. The sun is too bright, my family are too busy, the dog is barking his throat out, I have a todo list as long as a short arm, brand spanking new photoshop and all the etceteras are sitting on my desk waiting to be installed (you wouldn’t believe how tempting it is to drop all and drool over it all day instead) and I have to get a stupid film camera assignment done. It is due on Wednesday and they are all deserting me for a church family camp some time this afternoon – Goodbye photographic subjects, I only need you for 10 short minutes when the sun isn’t blaring down and cracking harsh jokes across your face!

Maybe I’ll call Sam later today and make her come down to help me.

I’ll make my own way to the camp some time tomorrow but I think I need some space and some time and one last shot at trying to find a few hours more to sleep in. Whereby I’ll pray and hope that the Camera shop in Croydon develops slides on site so I can hang around there for a few hours on the way in and out to Belgrave. This effectively means my ‘photos’ will be ready on time and I can hit the destress button in my brain. Alternatively they can be left at the shop and I can hopefully pick them up on Monday morning or Tuesday afternoon.

I want to install! I want to sit and be as nerdish as I possibly can and I haven’t the time!

“Be quiet Bec, get off blogger, do what you need to do and then go have fun – be sensible and stop whinging.”