I intend to give you (and myself) some time tonight. Which means I would like to write half a decent blog – but I’m not sure on what yet. I feel this need to make myself think about something. Three stars for vagueness. If you EVER have any suggestions for ‘what should bec blog on’ please email me at rebecca.mylastname@gmail.com if you don’t know my last name or can’t spell it, just leave a comment somewhere (Do subsitute my actual last name in place of mylastname, I don’t think you are that stupid but just in case there’s the odd blonde floating around 😉 I would LOVE to get suggestions as I’m sure your brain is entirely non-linked to mine and thus might come up with some left field possibilities. This is not a guarantee that I will post on what you send my way, but I’ll have a shot at the interesting ones and keep a file of the others. *crosses fingers for LOTS of unique suggestions*

Worked from 8:45-5pm. Met a clean cut Dave for lunch, well I ate lunch and then we wandered randomly into Kmart for a bit. I didn’t recognise him at first, ach the shame! His hair was cut (good Dave) and back to a dark brown… if it ever even was that, I’ve lost track. I’m always pleased at how Dave and I just seem to get along fine and dandy even if we haven’t seen eachother in ages. Some people are just simply cool like that. He’s working heaps more because of changed circumstances re: uni so I dare say I’ll see him round a bit more. I tried to get him to choose to graduate – he’s still not sure and proably wont. Silly boy. (Hi Dave if you even still read this!)

The message I passed on yesterday or the day before via phone to work unfortunately didn’t quite get through properly. Mel had me rostered from 5-10:15 tomorrow again. I told her I wasn’t coming because that’s what I said. So I wont. I think she sort of gets it – she did vaguely remember. Which means. I CAN SLEEP IN TOMORROW!!!!

A day to recover from how I’ve somehow been pushing myself. Plans are thus: sleep-in, do homework for assignment due Monday, afternoon tea with Mum at Chateu Yerring so I can take my next ‘photo’ assignment out to somewhere interesting (Pray for good light), go to Jess’s at 6:30 for her party and then choice a)sleepover and get to work at 12pm OR b)go home late and get to work at 12pm.

Wow oh wow, it’s still only Thursday!