I think we all have our peculiarities. This is one of mine. Sabrina (the Harrison Ford one) is one of my absolute favourite chick flicks probably second only to such things as Little Women and Pride and Prejudice. I’m not sure exactly why, as I can’t/shouldn’t really relate too much to Sabrina, ha, half the Characters in this movie do not have their heads screwed on straight, half are frustrating and half are depressed because they cannot get or don’t know what they want. I like to think I’m at least a little more sensible.

It does use beautiful language, has a coy interuption of humor at the odd moment and plays with a couple of things close to me.

The movie, despite the reputation for chick-flicks being shallow entertainment, says a lot about loneliness, a lot about being stuck and a lot about which things are really important. Perhaps this is why it appeals?


An interesting thing on the radio tonight. Jess had talk-back on in the car and there was this girl talking about a rape and convictions of the guys who were involved and the announcer asks her if she’s forgiven them.

Where does forgiveness fit in the secular, what meaning can it possibly have? Sure we teach little kids to say sorry regardless of religion, it’s polite, it’s the right thing to do. But for what we count as the big stuff like rape, like murder. Why should you – if you are not a Christian or of another religion that finds it important, forgive? What benefit does it have to you? Is it a feel good? If so, then why don’t people think about why? Who does it help? Is it simply a courtesy extended to the other human being? It makes absoultely no sense.