I was pointed to the BBC UK psychology site tonight and have been wasting some time doing some quizzes as I do have a weak spot for anything personality related. (btw, do work out your myersbriggs for me and let me know it saves me a lot of bother guessing and although this is fun, it’s often a little difficult) Quizzes of such can be found: here, or here (second one is probably better if my memory serves me correctly)

The one that made me laugh (BBC) was what sex is your brain?. Don’t go all silly now, it’s basically do you think more like a man or a woman? It appears that my brain is totally genderless and I fall smack bang in the middle of the scale. Shall I go find my self an identity crisis? Why oh why does it rather please me getting a result like this? Perhaps I am just ridiculously objective?

This site also told me something I already know: I am a realist.