Top quality literature I’ve been feeding you (oh blog reader). My writing has not been very commendable lately.

Bloggers can be so self absorbed, it seems I’ve fallen back into that pattern. I always know it’s happening when I start talking about myself excessively, then get these ideas of ‘taking a break’ because I get worried about it. I wont this time – take a break that is, I will play it by ear. Feel free to pull me up. Blogging of the personal variety is quite selfish when you think it about it. I’d better not think about it.

I was talking to a friend last night about why they read my blog. Seems my interesting *cough* day to days and my occasional slightly beyond shallow thoughts aren’t why they read. They read because I’m me. A nice thought, but it really poses the question of, ‘is it worth it’. If I didn’t enjoy writing so much or had some other good means of brain outlet I don’t think I’d bother. If it really is because I’m a little bit left of centre, they should find some other way of ‘getting to know me’. And no. I’m not telling you to go away, stop reading and never come back. By all means don’t…. yeah, now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. And undoubtably unnamed person is going to ask me about it. Maybe I don’t find myself so facinating, but I blog afterall.

Now I’ve just dug myself a hole and written another hard to read post.


Yesterday (and today) I did something I might possibly regret and probably already do. Laura and Hannah now know where I reside online. It’ll be a curious exercise in seeing how much verbal feedback I get, if at all from them reading this blog. I am actually interested to see if they’ll get a different perspective on who I am – if they happen to have enough time to read from day one haha. This sounds all rather outlandish, but if I go from how much I think I really know of how their brains operate, well, I really don’t know them all that well at all. It’s funny that you can spend years and years sharing rooms, fights, clothes, pets and parents and still have hardly a clue of who you are really relating too.

We shall see.

Hi Haigs, Hi L.