Well, Geoff seems to think that I shall be doing some kind of explanation on the ‘girls’ side of things – which was happening in place of erm, home group this evening. I don’t wish to disappoint but there really isn’t much to tell. Our turn out was 75% lower than the guy’s impressive 16. The ratios at church are whacked.

So it really consisted of the four us, Jess, Laura, Isobelle and myself eating scones, raspberries, ice-cream and white chocolate (simultaneously) – mine was truly a mess, and watching some dreadfully old Marilyn Monroe chickflick about how to marry a millionare that Jess picked. The extra raspberries were almost worth the less people showing up, more to go round -how horrible!

Unfortunately my day wasn’t quite all raspberries. I’ve still not quite learned to appreciate the 9’o clock Tuesday start, particularly after the stupidity of 3 nights in a row of just scraping into bed before 2am. I did however enjoy the walk from crackerjack parking to uni. 10 blissful minutes alone outside without any pressure to do anything except proceed whatever function propells your self from location a to location b – they usually call it walking.

So. As today was Assignment D-day I handed in the first two and that was fine. Spent some time talking with Jen, Justin, Ben and Kim. On the way to lunch __ said, “I don’t mean to sound racist but… xyz blahdeblah.” My response found it’s way out my mouth from my head, “Well actually, that is kind of racist.” she took it surprisingly well, might have tried to justify it. What has me wondering is, is it worth it to say what I think in those situations or to just listen and aim to ‘keep’ friends? Which really requires no thought and is massively easy to answer. I’m going to speak my mind regardless when I get truly comforatable and to be honest, I probably value keeping my standards up (whether today classifies as that, or I was just being pedantic) than having to listen to crap. Valuing people is important, but erm, got to find that balance to where hanging round them is actaully beneficial.

A good half hour after lunch, I make my way to building P for Comparitive Imaging and find Ben there (he’s not in that class) working on some video and doesn’t want to move. I pull out my CD to check if “assignment due today #3” will work on the Mac’s and look down in horror at the wrong one. Sound Files written in permenant marker does not mean Typology/Conceptual images. “Oh, crap” Ben kindly says he’ll save my spot or go and find her if I run out time or some mildly gallant offer which I didn’t fully hear… I go off in desperate search for Penelope (tutor of previous class). I find her in her office, which I now know the location of, a slight miracle and do the blessed swap. Back to class. 2hrs of presentations. Both of mine were well recieved which is always nice.

Oh yes some quality intelligence displays today! Half way through CI, I realise that I’ve left my gallery review (Assignment due today #4) at home. I cut out of class and make a phone call to Dad and after some stuffing around, messaging and emails he forwards the attachment and I reprint the one I had left two copies sitting at home. Paper waster.

I unsucessfully managed to not get in early on the queue for showing my Urban Landscape photos (Assignment due today #5). Two and a bit hours of watching varying degrees of photographic presenations is exhausting. People heads end up on tables, the food comes out and the claps get less enthusiastic. It’s a total sense filled experience. My photos were alright, still not entirely convinced I picked the best 11 out of 48 to show, but hey. I got out 20 minutes early which was okay.

I am shockingly tired again and I was going to write about something reasonably meaningful but somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen. Burkie, make me talk about what you challenged me on the other night sometime. Alternatively blog it yourself and I can pull ideas off of you.


Well thats that. Approximately 10hrs of homework today. I am impressed with myself for sticking with it and slightly annoyed at myself that I didn’t pull my weight a bit sooner – I think Miss Laura Procrastinator is wearing off on me. It is done. I am to say the least, slightly relieved.

Gush has now closed.

For the sake of record I joined on September the 9th, 2002 at 6:51pm.
After three and a bit years, my post count (which is irrelevant!) totalled 4605, I gave up spamming years ago.
My average posts per day was 3.46

And the very first PM I ever got 😛

Hey bee,
cute name.
Welcome to Gush. I think you’ll enjoy this site. Especially the gushboards, also known as gush forums. Hope to hear from you in the future.

I don’t know what happened to Mixie, but he sure was right that I enjoyed it. Gush has warped and changed over the years, might be something to do with me having become a mod 😉 The change to the new boards has been a long time coming and I am more glad that something is finally happening. Paul or someone shall have archived records of the old stuff, but to be honest the new start is what we need to make opportunity of, I’d rather not go digging in the old.

I am, to be honest, worn down and demotivated about what used to be a fun and exciting challenge (modding) and am thankful we can clean out the cobwebs of spam and many years of interesting, ugly and fantastic history. I do not know how long I will continue with gush but I intend to see it settle on to it’s new feet and perhaps just maybe the inspiration will catch hold again.

Whatever the case. If it has done nothing than to serve as a meeting point of some people who have now become close friends, then it has served it’s purpose well. Modding has taught me more than the boards ever did. People have challenged me more than the orange and grey and God truly has used the place mightily.

A massive very gush Boost to the following people for the challenges (good and bad) you’ve provided even if I’m still trying to get over them:

Thirsty Guy
Sammy Airways
Jezika Rae

I’m sure there are many more and many more who have been valued members and often friends.

boost to the mods team, we got there!

and one last boost to Age Rowse, you started something God started first, and it was good.

Adios to sentimentality, bring on the new stuff please!


It’s been a very long day. The last ten minutes before I head home (I’m at uni) is at least accompanied by some coffee and the friendly (well warm) atmosphere of the corner cafe. Thus concludes 6 hrs straight of finishing my SIT assignment.

Yes it was painful. Dredging up references was the most time consuming and I’m still probably a few short. It is done however, and I think the tutor will have to live with it because I don’t want to touch it again. At least, or as far as my understanding goes, I have understood what was being asked. Several others I spoke to have partially misinterpreted or totally misconstrue what we’re meant to be on about. I did attempt to set them straight but likewise they are “over it” and shall not be changing things any time soon.

Home and to the refining of the 4 or 5 or so other assignments due tomorrow.

What a long week. But to think, by tomorrow night it’ll all be over! At least until the next round hits.


That would’ve had to be one of the most fun assignments I’ve ever done!

Thanks to Laura who did the lot on me. Bit hard to take yourself really, but it’s conceptual art… so long as it’s my idea it’s fine and dandy.

On a side note, as sisters the four of us almost typify the four personality types.
…I take that back, on second thoughts Em’s a phleg. just like Laura.

Laura: phlegmatic
Myself: choleric
Emily: phlegmatic
Hannah: sanguine