In true teen girl squad style, “It’s Over!”

Left the exam half an hour early. It was pretty much like the past two years exams, easy – although I dare say I could’ve explained dithering better. I am in no doubt that I passed and probably didn’t do too badly. I did the 30 multiple choice questions in about five minutes – see the level I have to stoop to! 😛

Driving home, exhaustion entirely kicked in. I think being sick, last night and general all round stress has probably taken it’s toll. I’ve got a few days now to fully recover before ESA. I will be hopefully doing a lot of sleeping before then.

Despite the ‘head can no longer think about anything besides ‘I hurt” the lure of people is too much and I should be heading off briefly tonight to catch up with a few of the yits crew. At Luskies house for once, instead of Jess’s. I have to first go visit my Oma and used the tactful, “I will leave by 10:00pm” – as my home hours have been none too pleasing to mum the past few days. One day she’ll work it out.

One of the things I forgot to mention, was Saturday night, Laura and I trouped off to Geoffs to have an evening of playing cards. Cards were fairly non-existant except for a poker set. So we played that instead. So besides us, Analise, Anita, Mark, Josh and a guy called Simon. I have only played once before (with you Tony, Iain and co at Tabor one Wednesday) and I wasn’t ever taught properly. Anyway I definitely must have gotten the hang of it, because I ended up winning – although Josh might’ve but declined the last few rounds to go watch the soccer. I was as croaky as anything, but still managed to enjoy myself. I’m fairly sure Analise still doesn’t really know the rules. ;P

So. No more thinking about anything mildly study related unless I want to (fat chance) for almost 5 weeks. Let the holidays begin!


My exam is at 2pm today. I technically should be studying, which I have been doing – but I can’t say it’s gotten any less dry. I am still coughing what shouldn’t be in my lungs out and my left side (shoulder/ribs) is feeling a bit sore- which I think means I did actually hit the door.

Just got a message from Ana saying she has my camera. Hooray!

I was having some curious ideas over ‘what’s next’ for me after being rather intrusive and asking some ‘why don’t you’ questions to a friend last night. It seems I should take, or at least seriously think about what it is I really want (study/career/to do) at the moment, instead of trying to think so much future wise, which can be a good thing but not always.

Anyway. Chucking the trowel on my current uni course before I finish the year is not any longer, not an option despite the completer finisher monster that lives inside my brain. That saying there is still much planning and thinking and praying to be done. I have also weighed up the course I was looking into doing (Profressional Writing) and worked out perhaps that maybe I shouldn’t be going there just yet. I could not go and work full time or I think I’d die of boredom.

It’s come up a few times recently and gotten me thinking – teaching, which was always the backburner plan, and truth be known based on those who know me, I’d probably be okay at it. I’d only go do it post-grad – so that’s a long term possibility.

In the meantime. Tabor (ie: more theological stuff) is looking extremely appealing. I always wanted to go back. I learnt oh so much each day there and I miss that level of engaging my brain. I am what, 20 and I get the chance to change my career 5 more times (statistically not practically) why shouldn’t I go do something vaguely impractical in terms of career for the moment? Earning big dollars has never been a draw card.

NB: Nothing is settled, I have barely started looking into it. I could well be doing BIM for the rest of the years or the next 2.5.

Ideas ideas. And more for the few of you who care about Rebecca’s seemingly fickle brain to get annoyed about. Prayer would be good.

And I should probably get back to reading over those notes and my text book again…