After a long debarkle about what to do tonight Laura and I have settled on something that could be a tad risky in regards to technical quality, but has been on my mental list of things ‘to do’ for an extremely long time.

We discussed going to see Oliver Twist (which I REALLY want to see) the new Roman Polanski movie and found it was only showing at Knox – which isn’t convienient tonight, and then Laura suggested Over the Hedge, which I guess I wouldn’t mind if we were going with a group. Called Analise up – not home yet, “Sorry can’t make it”, called Sam up, “Still too sick” (my fault)… I gave up after that.

I have been just about blowing my face off at mum at various points of today. We are getting on eachother’s nerves and I just really want to get out of the house.

However as I said before, we have ended up opting for the cheaper version – unfortunately not out of the house but I think I can cope. Much cheaper, infact it’s only on video and they had to go digging for it out the back – no wonder I’ve been unsucessful in finding it before. $3 entertainment. A 1986 (old as me movie) called The Mission, it is meant to be fairly spectacular, rather involved, deep etcetera etcetera.

So here’s to a good evening in anticipation. Thoughts and comments to follow…


After a week of focusing on others I sucumbbed to the niceties evils of indulging myself.

In actuality (I’m using that word a lot lately) Sam and I decided to catch up at Morrisons, and it extended to an impromptu visit to Eastland – where we both intended to get our hair cut. We did, although mine looks like nothing’s been done. Not impressed with that. Then we uh, did the expected ‘go shopping thing’ considering our location. I dare say we both spent more than intended. Just Jeans proved too much for my wallet this time – despite me usually being very good. Starbucks has mighty fine chai tea.

Which means I’d better get off my butt and sell some more books shortly.

The one truly useful purchase I made (If we didn’t all have to wear clothes) was a really expensive $8 microphone. Which means that I can now have two sided Skype (VoIP) conversations, or alternatively look like a fool talking at my computer.

I made good use of it last night in a fairly pointless conference call where I made Tom meet Jas and John and Geoff and however that all works. Too many nerds in one place. Perhaps it was a mistake.

Anyway if you care to hear me in person you can shoot me an email – if you don’t have my email you don’t need to hear me in person.


Tonight someone described me as an ENGIMA


  1. One that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable.
  2. A perplexing speech or text; a riddle.

I like this.

(Did you make it to the end this time Tom?)