…that I found out today:

Dad reads this blog.

“Hi Dad!”

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I laughed heaps at recieving this email – so I thought I’d share it. It also puts a bit of my ‘unsaid’ news out there which I’ve been pathetically alluding to for a few days now. This is from my old English/Texts teacher. Mr. Youl. An extremely knowledgeable man and a great teacher.


Hi! Just heard the news about a certain boy/girl friendship of which you
personally provide one of the polarities!!! I was able to give the mother of
the male polarity a GLOWING report of your charm, style, and grace, not to
mention vim (I had to look that last one up). She in turn alerted me to your Blog, which I’ve just visited.

Very interesting indeed. I tried to leave a comment, but the 21st century
does not really like me visiting it, and I was told my application for an
identity had been denied because something or another had been “disabled”, I

Anyway, lovely to be reminded of you, and interesting to read some of your
meanderings. I was not sufficiently skilled in computereze to locate that
part of your Blog which was dedicated to me.

Blessings be upon you, Bec,


Nice to know you gave me a decent rap!
This one can be dedicated to you if you like.

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I would really love to go to bed right now. I did just realise that the electric blanket hasn’t been on however and as Melbourne had thrown an exceptionally cold one into the wind, (of which there really is none just now), I might as well leave you – all those who are still awake, with something to read. I can tell you now it’s going to be a ‘what happened’ and not any real profound thoughts on anything.

I woke up awake and pretty happy at 6:30 this morning – which is an altogether a bizarre thing for me. Felt the need to pray for a couple of people (as you do *shrug*) so had a good hour or so doing that and just thinking. I must have slipped back into no-conciousness land because the next thing I knew the clock was saying it was almost 11pm. To which I fractionally panicked as I was meant to be in the city by 12ish – Takes a good hour by train.

Got my act together eventually after aiming to get the train at 12:30 latest. Which worked quite well – because I couldn’t as easily leave my car at the station tonight and so waited until Mum was heading out again.

I found Katie and Jo waiting for me under the clock. We wandered up to Max Brenners (CHOCOLATE) in Melbourne Central. Jo opted out of the festivities. Katie and I got something different. Mine was extremely good – far too rich. Did taste a bit just like an extra good hot-chocolate (which is good because I’ve never been that huge of a fan). I couldn’t drink it all, but it was well worth what I paid for it. Great atmosphere! Interesting shop/cafe really.

An hour or so there and on to Top Arts at Fed Square. My suggestion. Basically because I keep going into the city on Mondays when it is conveniently closed. Got to see Julia’s portraits (one of my lovely cousin Jaclyn) on show finally. I really like the diversity you get through the VCE art. We stood for 20 minutes watching a dvd a guy had made on the city and on status differences – like homelessness. It was funny, but at the same time quite powerful. Wow some people are talented!

It was great to run in to those two again. Nothing like the last ‘city’ visit, which began so awkwardly. Do you still read this Katie/Jo?

Sat in McDonalds to escape the cold and to act like a loner (after they left) and a non paying patron but not for long.

Geoff got there and we walked the long way round to Southbank. Had some dinner. Then the curious treck to Brunswick St – or along Brunswick 😛 Ran into… what’s his name Nethercote and co. and then up to the Retro Cafe.

Mum invited me a few days back to something their homegroup was going to – A Forge night with a guest theologian: Baxter Kruger. Spare tickets and as I’d heard his name mentioned somewhere before and at that stage had nothing else to do and with no idea of who was going to be there – agreed.

I was definitely the youngest person there. Many familar Tabor faces though. Was great to see Warwick again, and sat on a table with Troy. (past YITS lecturers) also, Deb and Allan Hirsch (old family friends), Tolly and Lyndal.

Wow how to fill my mind so fast. Actually that’s a little of an exaggeration. I wasn’t totally unfamiliar with the concepts presented. Go read about it here, I can’t be bothered. Warwick has well and truly mentioned the whole idea of ‘the dance’ and I liked a lot of what was said. Not everything no. And I agree with Anne that I would’ve liked to see more actual direct Biblical references.

I personally didn’t find him very funny but that’s alright, he was still engaging and easy to listen to. Being the ‘youngun’ in a room full of brilliant minds was fractionally daunting but extremely enjoyable. I for once revelled in the slight feeling of powerlessness. I did a little bit enjoy hearing a real non-movies American accent again 😛 I did take some notes, so more thoughts on some of that later.

Car trip back with, my parents, Geoff’s parents, Geoff and Trudy was very amusing, despite being quite asleep. I like hearing Dad throw around theological ideas, reminds me how wise he is 😉 There was also a very strange point during the trip- where it was like I’d definitely dreampt some of it before. A ‘dejavu’ moment – except not.

Okay, that bed had better be warm now…

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