So, something at NGV (which I’ve been waiting for) has finally arrived.

Charles Blackman’s: Alice in Wonderland

I was looking around the web one day and stumbled across a few of his artworks, only to discover that he’d be showing his face (or at least his paintings) later on this year in Victoria!

I certainly intend to go and visit. The exhibition is on until October 15. Anyone interested?

Design General

The days seem to procure dramatically different reactions. Yesterday I had quite a few good (or messy) reasons to be not so impressed with myself and yet it was superb in straightening some things out. I did, (as you checked Monica) take some time out for myself which was very important in clarifying a few things and finding God absolutely all over that. The God stuff is on the improve – if you can claim that?

Today uni cast it’s ugly shaddow yet again. I am frustrated at being sort of-perfectly okay with what I’m doing one day and totally fed up with it the next. I don’t exactly want to give you another gloomy blog post again, but hmm it’s a bit of the reality at the moment (not everything of course but hey).

The problems I have with back/neck/shoulders are usually fairly subtle, so much that I think I’m just used to it never being quite right and only after a longish day or excessive hours of having to use the computer do they really hurt, but coming home today was pretty bad and still is. It’s reached a point where I’m trying to work out why I’m so ‘Blah’ so often and I think it’s got a lot to do with it. I went to the lake for a little bit after getting back to my car because I needed to walk or move/stretch a bit or something. It’s a beautiful day out there! I really should get my back checked it’s no longer pleasant. Oh… and if you ever want to give me a massage?

I had afternoon tea with Sam who was in a very silly/funny/hilarious mood. She gave me a present! The Garden State dvd. I am very happy as it was on my list (which doesn’t really exist) of the movies I want to own. Thanks Sam! If I wasn’t going out tonight, I stay home and watch it in my beautifully clean room where I can actually sit on the bean bag again.

My blogs are spacing out to one day on, one day off… their content isn’t so much improving. A small cause – which is excellent for me but maybe not so good for you (as a an all said and done reader) is that I’ve started journalling again. Wish me well in my endeavours, but do give me a prod to put something new in here now and then.

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