Apparently my little sister nearly bothered staying up late just to see my reaction (which she predicted would be me ‘close to wetting myself’)… She didn’t stay up. I did however laugh and laugh and laugh. A very well meaning (I’m sure) and usually very understanding/reasonable, wonderful relative of mine dropped by some time today and gave Mum four envelope’s for us girls. I guess she got the gist that there might just be some boys round the place and it might be good for us to ‘be aware’ of certain things.

Wow the phrasing in this thing is beautiful! So very, very wrong and so very funny. I couldn’t stop laughing after knowing who it was from and seeing the first word that jumped out at me from the page – which to be quite honest was ‘sex’ (ooooh).

Oh the moose line!

Read and cry.


“Why not prove your love by sticking your head in the oven and turning on the gas”

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