So after trip to Anaconda to confer with Mick and Dan (and Laura – I was just driving) about a certain birthday present being ‘joint bought’ by 15 or so people for Marty, Laura and I wound up at Eastland. After some sock shopping (I’m being quite serious I really need some) and some looking around, there was a, ‘Poor, silly person you left your lights on’ announcement. This time the number plate was read out and it was all too familiar.

Anyway, after calling home and realising that the parentals were at my sisters school interview, we waited and contemplated calling the RACV. Had a coffee and a pretzel thing. Dad called back and told me to call the RACV as it would be faster. They took about 5 minutes. I tell you what, I’m a huge fan!

And that was truly the only remotely thing close to a drama today. My life wouldn’t make a good soap.

At least I’m getting my money’s worth out of it, alright maybe it was a birthday present, but Laura, you should possibly start driving before you allow people to bother getting you any kind of roadside service insurance!

Post with more thought coming! Maybe even tonight.

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