What a boring blog.

Today I shall endeavor to throw a few posts your way. It is afterall, an exceptional way to procrastinate while I continue the horendous plough through some java script for my assignment due… um, tomorrow. I am far more of a fan of design than I am of coding. What fool told me I should have a little of the dry stuff to back me up and so chose subjects to match?

The best news is that I am on holidays for a little over a week! And once this assignment is done. Oh wow! I shall let my mind run and my fingers go ballistic on this keyboard and read and do all manner of other things which I haven’t quite worked out yet.

Somehow amongst all the busyness, I have still managed to fit in reading some stuff. You can have a look here.

Blogging General Life

Unless some miraculous impartation of genius arrives just about now, you’re going to have to content yourself with a ‘doings post’. I’ve tried starting what I want to say on Community and what I want to say on what God’s been pushing buttons in me all week but it’s not working itself into any kind of reasonable framework. I think I shall start refusing to say, “It’s coming” because I was all keyed up to write something the moment I got home and I sat down at the computer and started something that didn’t flow and couldn’t be finished.

I have had – if I can count Friday, a most marvellous weekend. Friday was my chance to take a day for myself. Meaning: sleep the morning away, and be productive in doing all the little things I’ve wanted to do for ages. Things like giving myself some time to simply enjoy myself by reading more of a book that has very little relevance to life and absolutely no practical implication whatsoever. The evening was spent going to see Nacho Libre with Geoff. The movie was very stupid but funny as anything so it was quite an enjoyable experience. We then came home to my Mother’s plea for a Boggle match with her, Dad and Lulu.

Saturday Geoff and I went into the city, to have a look at the Charles Blackman: Alice in Wonderland exhibition, among other things. Very worth a look at, cheaper than Picasso – and dare I say it, better. Fantastic bright colours and big paintings. This one is in at the Fed Square in the Ian Potter Gallery rather than at NGV International.

Had a wander in the Botanical Gardens as the weather was fantasic, then I took him down to Albert Park near where I used to work, had a coffee at Browns and walked down to the beach and got a few photos (which I may flickr soonish). Dinner back at Geoff’s and then two 21st’s.

And today’s doings can wait as they are pertinent I think to the post on community and beginings (or endings as the case may be) that refuses to be written.

“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.”
– Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland

General Life

So after trip to Anaconda to confer with Mick and Dan (and Laura – I was just driving) about a certain birthday present being ‘joint bought’ by 15 or so people for Marty, Laura and I wound up at Eastland. After some sock shopping (I’m being quite serious I really need some) and some looking around, there was a, ‘Poor, silly person you left your lights on’ announcement. This time the number plate was read out and it was all too familiar.

Anyway, after calling home and realising that the parentals were at my sisters school interview, we waited and contemplated calling the RACV. Had a coffee and a pretzel thing. Dad called back and told me to call the RACV as it would be faster. They took about 5 minutes. I tell you what, I’m a huge fan!

And that was truly the only remotely thing close to a drama today. My life wouldn’t make a good soap.

At least I’m getting my money’s worth out of it, alright maybe it was a birthday present, but Laura, you should possibly start driving before you allow people to bother getting you any kind of roadside service insurance!

Post with more thought coming! Maybe even tonight.

General Life

triumph of the day: Getting some Java Script to properly validate after a very messy mess around in some code.

random freak thing: Today I became an ‘actor’ for one of Jess’ uni friends Analee mini movie. She sent me a text message saying I didn’t have to really act. I ended up pretending to be dead, running away and falling down some stairs, in the view of a lot of people just passing by. Wow that girl owes me big time!

enjoyable moment(s): Seeing Geoff this morning. Afternoon tea with Samantha where I talked my head off. We covered a lot of ground in 45minutes.

low scumb fall to temptation: It’s a difficult thing when you’ve been at uni all day and you have to come back through a food court, a maccas, a coffeeshop and numerous other food outlets on the way to your train. It’s particularily difficult when you have to wait half an hour because you’ve just missed the last one.

I managed to curb actually buying anything (like clothes) early on after starting at Deakin. By restricting myself to ‘just looking’- I have about 20 minutes minimum to waste at BoxHill each uni day. There isn’t anywhere except the food court to sit, so that’s how I waste time.

The last minute pass by Maccas/Gosh coffee is really surprisingly hard. I’m usually pretty good with how I use my money, but it’s getting horribly easy to give in. I sucessfully refused getting anything (except a present for someone) which I was pleased about. I got onto the platform and some bout of insanity took hold and I ‘had a look’ in the food stall. $2.70 later I had some hot chips. I was immediately not impressed. I couldn’t eat all of them and frankly I wasn’t even really that hungry.

I thought about it a lot on the way home. Too much maybe. Sometimes I do turn trivial things like that into much larger issues. After I decided it probably wasn’t so much worth beating myself up over giving- and feeling decidedly not all that good for eating them in the first place, I thought about how I do spend money. I’ve been thinking about it a fair bit lately actually.

I had a conversation with Jess W about money and spending habits – on her prompting about a week ago. God and money and how much we should ‘consult’ him before we spend. Everything? Yay/nay or is that too wishwashy? Or is it afterall the principle beneath. The conciousness/acknowledgement (or other word with 12+ letters that’s relevant) of God.

It’s a well known fact that I’m a Dutchy stinge and it’s a personal realisation that I’ve gotten far less concerned about it in the past 6 months – which I think is probably a good thing, because I know I’ve been far too tight fisted. When it comes down to it. I don’t care a lot about money. It’s not something I have an awful lot of in terms of ‘Western gurus’, but it’s not something I lack.

Care to start up a ‘buy Bec a digital camera’ fund? Don’t. I’ll refuse your money.

I do think I’m hitting a bit of a point where it can get a bit trivial. I spend a fair bit of money on coffee – although I’ve found $1 coffee’s now so that’s alright. I often get out of bed too late to get enough food for lunch so there’s that. And sure you can ‘do it cheaply’ BUT if I was less lazy and got out of bed sooner, it’d be wiser.

So. From today or tomorrow perhaps. I shall be keeping better track of where the loose change is going. It doesn’t hurt to be a little bit free occasionally, but the other shrapnel could be going somewhere better. It’s also got just a little bit to do with good stewardship. But hey, that’s a whole big book issue. Lets start with the surface level stuff. Grow up and realise that your theology should underpin your life Rebecca.

Tim’s running young ad’s tonight, I’ve got some inside info in whats going to happen. I’ve decided to hold off on posting any community related thoughts (which was the blog post that is coming) as I might just get a few more tonight. Here’s to banding together!

General Life

A few links for those mildly design/art interested. And try the second one anyway, whoever you are.

Daily Dose of Imagery by Sam Javanrouh – a photographers blog which I intend to keep an eye on.

A is for Apple
– try this one out! I’d bet this is one of the weirdest design/random sites out there. How’s this for postmodern navigation? It’s all rather disturbing. I don’t want to know how long it took to make.

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