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The CSS crash course v.2 is over. I think I learnt more today than I ever did the last time I had to play with it. I dare say the code’s a mess. Frankly I don’t care much. This looks pretty reasonable, at least until I make up my mind to change it. Much happier with a righthand sidebar. What do you think all up?

Aside from my unfortunate detour to Burwood (and I did run into Andy E while I was waiting for the bus – so it wasn’t all a waste) the day panned out relatively well.

I cancelled meeting with Jess for lunch due to not being at uni, messaged Tim to see if he wanted to be caught up on Wednesday night’s doings. Young Ads last week was a scratchy but necessary and quite well conducted evening on where we are headed and who does what.

Tim and I sat for 2 hours in Morrisions going over the stuff and talking extensively about community and different emphasises on how Christians go about things, what calls we do and don’t deserve to make and the dangers of a ‘we/them’ mentality. Talking with Tim about any these sorts of things requires a lot of concentration, but it makes for facinating conversation – I don’t honestly think I could do it 24/7 but now and then is very enjoyable… so we finished up and found out with a timely message that James got engaged this afternoon!

I spent what was left of the afternoon and a lot of the evening making the blog look how I wanted to. Then Geoff dropped by late after his course intensive, to bring me back my shoes.

So, as it turns out. I go ‘officially’ back to uni tomorrow instead.


Over this past week I have been to the movies twice (such a disgrace!)
Both were well worth seeing:

The Wind that Shakes the BarleyThe Wind that Shakes the Barley (which I saw with Jess W)
Quite a long movie, but VERY involving – even moving. Not your typical ending. It was a little difficult to follow at first as I know next to nothing about 20th Century Republicans. Reminded me how interesting history can be. Very worth your money and time.

The Devil Wears PradaThe Devil Wears Prada (which I saw with the girls – Jess D being down from Canberra)
A few annoying moments, but a decent and fun chickflick with a fraction more depth than your average Legally Blonde. Meryl Streep is excellent.

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I have been wading through the masses of wordpress templates and trying to work out enough of the mess to customise it at least enough to make it look somewhat my own (and besides, it’s far too fun).

This is alright. Really not a fan of the search bar at the top – search is apparently a widget – but hey I don’t have that selected and it’s still there. There’s also a rather largeish gap between the title/date and the top of the post which I am unsure of how to get rid of.

Not 100% positive about the grey although it’s not too bad. I’m also still ho-humming over the sidebar being on the left, as I prefer it on the right. (Again beyond my capabilities just yet).

Still playing. But what do you think? Run with this for a while?

*edit: search/rss removed, orange line removed, space taken out. (oh yeah!) now… what to do with the grey?

**edit: big changes. Problem is – does it look right for you or do I have to stuff around more? Looks freakishly wrong on our family computer – but hey it’s old and has a crappy screen.

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Ah the cruelty of irony.

So the mp3 player decides to go with ‘Leaving So Soon’ by Keane just as I’m getting of the bus. The next minute I run into Huw. Studio has been cancelled.

All the way to uni for nothing. Thats at least 2 hours travel, waking up early, a train ticket… I am not very impressed.

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