free derek webbRight.

Just in case this got lost in the previous post – and now since I’ve had a bit of a listen.

I’m quite a fan. Derek Webb (whom I’d never heard of before today and have come across twice in two totally different locations). His lyrics are interesting and provoking and the sound (bar one song which I don’t like) is pretty good.

And if I didn’t mention it before. It’s FREE.

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designI’ve been reading this blog: In His Courts, lately. I first came across it when Makeesha commented on a post of mine on Advoc8.

It’s probably not the best time to link to it (due to the small proportion of younger readers and in fact the larger population of readers like me who are not married) BUT she does say some good stuff on Church, Christianity, culture… and I’m going to forget later on.

And while I was link hopping, I found, it’s interesting concept and you can get some music out of it, I have yet to really listen to it but who knows… might hit on a winner?

While I’m at it, lots of the little design things I use to make these posts more interesting (In case my writing fails to suffice) come from Print&Pattern.

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Exam #1 is OVER!!!!

I’m pretty confident I passed. Whoopdedoo!

Had a seat smack bang in the middle of a massive massive gym full of well… a lot of tables.

Multiple choice was easy as anything, the essay bit x4 were all answerable and the middle section was… well I probably filled that with a fair bit of, ‘yeah I really don’t know what’s going on’ BUT I know I will have gotten some marks for it and hey – enough to pass. I left a little bit early probably with about 25mins to spare. I had some kind of answer in for everything, (Which is my absolute intended minimum for any exam, no exceptions).

Ended up getting the train home with Chris M and dropping him at his place. Wow that boy can talk.
Now to adjourn to a social life and sleep until Monday where the study must begin again.

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