read “Once upon a time in the town square there was a meaningful statue called the happy prince. An artist who was flying away from the onset of confusion alighted to rest on the shoulder of the happy prince. The statue spoke to the artist: ‘There are many bewildered people in this town – strip away my meaning and take it to them.’

So the artist began to strip away the meaningful features and take them to the people. ‘You must hurry,’ said the happy prince, ‘Or you will be caught up in the growing confusion.’ But the artist continued fearlessly until all that was left of the happy prince was his naked heart.

The townspeople did not understand hearts very well and were angered and embarrassed by the sight of it. And the artist fell down too exhausted to continue his flight to simplicity. The town council ordered the heart to be removed and replaced with something which could be understood. But nothing could alter the onset of confusion and meaninglessness. Nothing except a sense of mystery, which nurtured the artist and the exiled heart of the happy prince.” – Michael Leunig (The Happy Prince from Wild Figments)

john 12:1-8

-John 12:1-8

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