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That, is a link to the secondhand kids books that my mum and I (and occasional other family members) sell on Ebay.

This is currently my only source of income (besides the little the Government is kind enough to give me as a student who doesn’t earn much).

So, if you’re after something (kids picture book/novel) email me as we probably do have it in our vast collection.

Have a look anyway, and point people our way! We don’t make profit on our postage, and do our best cut a fair deal on our starting prices.

Do I sound convincing?

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Let me point you towards this. The Fight. This guy (Adrian Rowse) and his wife used to be youth pastors at my last church, he also started gush.com.au which I have been involved in for several years now. He’s doing some fantastic stuff on a different plane now through Roundabout Ministries, I have friends who’ve been positively influenced and changed by it. Very worth youth pastors (and others) checking this out!

“Our generation is sex-saturated. Whether we seek it out or not, porn is in our faces, on our TV screens, billboards, magazines, everywhere.
Gone are the days where it was hard to get your hands on porn. You don’t have to go into an adult store any longer. 400+million pages of porn of all varieties is available online at the click of a button. And with the continuing technology boom, the next big thing is mobile porn, porn in your pocket. Porn use is totally acceptable and normal for this generation. One 22 year old said, I watch porn as often as I eat breakfast.

But there is another standard to which we’re called.

The Fight is a 30 day devotional journey for Christian guys that tackles the issues of pornography, sexual purity and pursuing a passionate and dynamic friendship with God. The Fight contains 2.5 hours of inspirational and biblical teaching and testimonies on DVD, that will equip you with strategies and tools for:


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jolly crocI’m still not quite sure what came over me last night in giving away my secret hand-lust (freak out and leave now!)… anyway disregarding that and proceeding somewhat more normally:

From the other end of my glorious, silly brainwave, I can now claim that ‘pie night’ was a roaring success!

Very happy with the outcome, sure a few minor cooking glitches but people hardly noticed (best of all me) I was having too much fun!

I think I might take to saying, “As happy as a croc with a lawnmower” there’s something absurdly appealing about it (alternatively I’ll just get a little more sleep)!

“More on thanksgiving as an informal-mantra (not the holiday) tomorrow and why I had to recant this morning for being a horrible cynic…”

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handsI’ve always had a bit of an unnatural, unspoken of obsession with hands. I like hands. They are fascinating, beautiful, able and even those that are absorbed with arthritis or similar still hold some kind of weird appeal.

I like big hands. I like small hands.

I find great pleasure in remembering and watching people’s hands, they’re easy to take for granted.

I like the woman’s hands that scanned my shopping the other day. I like that there was a sign that said “Cannot lift more than #kg’s” and yet she was still there.

The word ‘hand’ has a several positive meanings, take these for example:

noun: ability

noun: a round of applause to signify approval

And what is said about hands:

“In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.”– Sir Isaac Newton

“The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.”
-Jacob Bronowski

I like that humans (if my sketchy memory of Biology and evolution theories hold) are the only beings with a fully opposable/prehensible thumb.

If I had to lose one of my five senses – touch would probably be the last to go.

I bite my nails, I have shocking circulation and relatively regular RSI, but I like my hands. I like that I can do.

I like that I can type fast. I like that I can hold things. I like that I can touch things and feel soft and hard and sharp and smooth.

I like that hands often indicate, ‘to help’. I like that hands can comfort.

I like that my friend Kerryn once pointed to me towards a verse in Isaiah that brings a familiar gesture to an often incomprehensible God.

“I, the LORD, have called you in righteousness;
I will take hold of your hand.
I will keep you and will make you
to be a covenant for the people
and a light for the Gentiles…” (42:6)

I like holding hands.

There is some kind of paradox about hands. So safe – but not.

Open them if you need to.
Hold them if you haven’t.
Lend them regardless.

Marvel and live dangerously.

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Last night was the youth group sleepover – being a leader it was fairly mandatory I be there, besides it’s the last Friday night thing for this year. I haven’t been leading that long. Infact I was fill in for my sister Laura one day earlier in the year, (only really avoiding volunteering so it wouldn’t look like I was chasing Geoff around too much) and I enjoyed it so much that I came back the next week.

We’ve had numbers dwindle a bit in the past few weeks and by 7:30pm with only two kids there Analise and I were beginning to wonder. By 8:30 we had 14!
So between soccer outside, ‘sparkler bombs’, playstation, chatting, chips, minties, movies (School of Rock/TinTin), softdrink and 1am indoor soccer (wow I’ve never smelt a room that bad). It was good evening.

We were down two and half leaders, since Geoff came at about 4am. So Steve, Sam, Ana and I kept the fort. Analise fell asleep in the movie and was half asleep for a good latter part of the evening, Steve went to bed comparatively early with Sam a little bit before the kids. Which left me to be the ‘go to bed!’ person. It helped that 90% of them had been on school camp and hiking the night before!

“Why can’t the boys sleep in the same room as the girls? It’s not like we’re going to…” (because you can’t)

“Why can’t we watch Jackass2?” (duh!)

“Why can’t we sleep in the hallway?”

They were all (I think) asleep by 2am.
No really. I love these kids.
I’ve even got chocolate to prove it (or vice versa)!

Sure a couple of the boys woke up with pepper on their faces “burning” and Milo in their hair (not my problem), the worst the girls got up to was short stint of pretty standard sleepover chatting and some unfollowed plans to pretend to sleepwalk. Sometimes I wonder why you’d be so loud in, “We’ll wait until they’re (Ana and Myself) asleep and then sneak out!”

…here’s to quality writing! I think I might go and sleep some.

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