pirate mapThere are a few things you might be able to help me on before I head off tomorrow night on Junior Camp.

Our theme is Pirates. For this, I need a name. Rebecca/Bec the…?

I also found out YESTERDAY that I’m running the girls night. Nice of them to tell me two days before camp! To prevent a mad panic (Could be too late for that) and an unoriginal and boring afternoon, your ideas would be very welcome. Last year they did a movie and ran the chocolate game all of which was during the afternoon I took to sleep, so I have no idea what else happened. So some girlish activities or fun things would be handy – a movie will probably come into play, I also know that one of the other girls is sharing a testimony/something.


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Post of the Day: Are we the living dead?

I was delighted to find this post on Jason Clark’s blog. To be honest I had a brief look, skimmed it and then spotted Makeesha’s name at the bottom – I really like her stuff so I went back to the top and read it more thoroughly. You should do the same!

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zebraI happened across a link to this post probably about a week before New Years, glanced at it an wasn’t all that thrilled to go about even thinking about answering it. Somewhere in between then and now my perspective must have altered because I happened across it again today and found them positive and quite challenging.

10 Questions to Ask at the Start of a New Year or On Your Birthday

and now… I’d better make sure I have some answers before I get asked what they are.

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Welcome to 2007! Thanks for reading through last year, I hope you continue to stick around!

In the next while, I’ll most probably be exploring the typical ‘resolution’ type theories, try my hand at writing some stuff with a tad more depth (here’s to hoping) and giving credit to a few people who have been on the sideline/frontline but ever-influential and encouraging.

I claimed I wouldn’t ‘review’ the past few days, and I wont – but I will cheat just a little and mention a few highlights before I attempt a mega-review of 2006.

  • Geoff cooked me dinner, oh it was GOOD! Veal stew with dumplings and Apple Crumble. The nicest thing about it, besides the taste and the effort was that I got to leave him alone in the kitchen being deemed ‘not allowed to interfere’ and so got to catch up on some well needed sleep.
  • Anti-highlight – I’ve been going to bed past 1am for the past week and it’s toll is nasty. Needless to say I have been making good use of the coffee plunger I got for Christmas.
  • New Years Eve. What was a ‘smallish’ party turned reasonably big as people invited themselves around. So it was a collaboration of Geoff’s crew (post school), church people and the odd extra, like Paul. It was an interesting evening with some golden moments. Crashed the night at Geoff’s where we were (along with many others) and got to enjoy pancakes for breakfast – go Maddy! Tim pointed out that New Years seems to be a time for people to feel sorry for themselves. I confess I was the contrary, being quite content. God’s been pulling some different strings the end of 2006 and I’m only beginning to (re)realise just how good I’ve got it.
  • A random car trip some back way through the countryside and lunch with Analise, Tim and Geoff. What a way to spend the first day of 2007. Roast pumpkin, fetta and coriander pesto foccacia!!!
  • Some decent conversations, not necessarily easy ones (almost the opposite) but ones that I guess have opened up a few things with friends and with sisters. It’s so good how you can see where God is involved even with the sucky stuff.

There, I don’t think I’ve imposed upon your boredom too much.

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