Advoc8 has a new design. I got sick of the horrendous red one and so put up my hand. I also quite liked the fixed Home, Email and Feed icons on this blog so I poked them in as an afterthought. It’s certainly a lot cleaner than the last one, but what do you think? (I also haven’t bothered testing it in various browsers/screen sizes and I keep seeing recently how skewed this one looks so if you could let me know about either looking strange on your computer that’d be good.)

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A few small changes to my sidebar,

A month or so ago I attempted to see what would happen if I put Google adsense on my blog to see if I could make any money off of it (is that dodgy?) – I probably swore at one time never to put advertising on here but they’re pretty unobtrusive. Anyway It’s probably not really worth it but they can just live there.

The other thing that I removed today was the hit counter/script from site meter – a very useful stats collector, unfortunately it’s recently decided not to work very well with massive differentiations between that and other stat counters, I was advised that my site would be quicker without it. So the hit counter left off at 7,684 or something similar (I could be a few hundred out). Now you (and I) can live a bit more ignorance.

By the way, a huge thank you to Paul and his housemates for donating a microwave!