tellmewhy.jpgToday I scraped a bargain. A $60 book for a simple $10.

I cannot yet call myself a fully fledged designer (I’m about 4 official years away from that) and I sometimes feel sheepish about the fact that I don’t like wasting money on magazines – which you know, is a lot of what I’ll probably end up doing. I’m sure there is great benefit to knowing objective, the competition, the actuality of the business. And I don’t really own any design books as they cost about one million in comparison to my hastily diminishing monetary fund.

This is my first buy in terms of a book about design. I have one textbook but that’s about multimedia and one on programing (a hideous pink thing) and this.

This is: tellmewhy – the first 24 months of a New York Design Company. It has a pen mark on the front, hence the drastic reduction and you know, maybe it’s been sitting on the shelf for two or more years. Prior bookshop employee knowledge tells me that covers can be cleaned with eucalyptus oil (or you know water and soap) and hence noted pen mark will become an almost invisible short score line. If I can be bothered.

I started reading shortly after purchase at a university cafe with glorious boho coffee (cup didn’t match the saucer and gave me secret thrills. Weird). The coffee was a mere $2 but worth more. I nearly forgot the coffee for the monograph. Now I’m just showing off (it means book). It’s pleasantly engrossing.

I don’t like buying books new, perhaps such a success will promote an unleashing of my pocket. I hope not. But I do like it.

Books Coffee Design

My boyfriend called me a snob today after I admitted to being pleased that I don’t work somewhere like McDonalds. I find quite a bit of (probably too much) satisfaction in being able to say that I work for a “business consulting” company. That label of course works happily until I get back into my Corolla and turn the air conditioning on and off according to revs. Off at traffic lights, off going up hills. I drive a crap car. Apperances are all in my head. It’s fun to pretend.

I start back at MBO next Thursday. I’m on a permenant part-time basis this time, instead of casual which means… (goes and looks the info up to confirm it) that I get annual and sick leave, at still the same rate that I asked for. Best of all, I know that I am going back into a positive working environment, where the work is reasonably varied, I am exposed to interesting business… stuff and have good bosses/colleagues.