Swinburne. Day 1.

I’m exhausted. 9:00am-5:30pm. Much of it would have to do with camp. I left the house at 7:00am, got home at 6:45pm.

I can even go so far to say that I am excited to be back studying. Here’s to Communication Design somewhere reputable! They are unbelievably professional about things in comparison to Deakin. Sad but true. Get-to-know-you games were almost non-existent. It was an immediate dropping in the deep-end. All very full on. Homework already.

The first six weeks are pretty much tech free, (uh oh) or at least in the classes I’ve had thus far. It’s going to undoubtedly challenge me and challenge my pocket ($). Illustration of any kind – all this ‘hands on’ art isn’t my forte.

There is a rule about no symmetry . yrtemmys on tuoba elur a si erehT

None. You lose marks if you steer into boxes and balance. Some of this makes me sad. I quite like symmetry when it’s used well.

The people I’ve met friendly and actually want to be there. You gradually crank up the list of those you know. I can count five now. One has a replica time-table to me which is no mean feat!

Shock: Art supplies are expensive (I did know that) and I have to get a whole lot of them (I didn’t know that).

I am so incredibly thankful I have an A3 printer. Everything is to be done on A3. Freak fetish.

I’m too tired to write properly *I have now revised the above entry.

This is going to be a lot of work but at the moment I don’t care. I intend to enjoy myself.

…and the opp shops on Chapel Street are mad!


blackman.jpgBeen and gone.

Too tired last night to blog about it all. I didn’t even get to my well overloaded RSS reader until about half an hour ago.

Youth Camp.

It flew by. It was hard work. I’d had enough at one point late Saturday it got a bit too much. Retreated to my tent and slept. Organising food is stressful – someone else’s job next time.

God did some good stuff.

We were rained out Saturday morning (not good when you’re camping – especially with a lot of girls). Campsite was roomy but small. Do you like that contrast? It felt safe and I’d use the place again.

The swimming pool was relief.

Had some great chats and quality hanging out with the girls during Sunday.

Glad it’s over. Glad I went. Hope they had fun. Hope they’ll come back. Hope God will continue doing stuff there.