sleep.jpgSleep, not money.

I am notorious for getting to bed late. Really late. I have to get up by 6:30ish four mornings a week. I cash in on my deprived state on Saturdays and then wake up with whopper headaches from having slept too long.

I’m in love with coffee and I have to thank Christina a million times for sharing with me the secret of making a good plunger coffee. I utilised it this morning (from memory) and it was so much better! Caffeine quite seriously helps me get going before my mind fully wakes up.

There was an article in the MX the other day about Women not getting enough sleep. (Please don’t read the MX it’s full of so much crap). Sleep is the first thing that gets sacrificed to gain some more time. Work is the last.

Last night at youth we were discussing our ideal life. Mine included perpetual sleeping and the presence of a huge, wonderful bed. I love sleep.

In vain you rise early
and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat
for he grants sleep to those he loves.”
-Psalm 127:2 (NIV)

“It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late,
and work your worried fingers to the bone.
Don’t you know he enjoys
giving rest to those he loves?”
-Pslam 127:2 (MSG)

Any idea where else the Bible talks about sleep?

Shutting off from everything and recovery through sleep is simply quite amazing. You couldn’t do life without it… in sleeping you are in some very normal way submitting to God. You are relinquishing your control.

Sleep. Stop.

It doesn’t happen easily.

Carolyn from Solo Femininity has written: Finite Creatures and the Gift of Sleep. What do you think of sleep when you cast it under the ‘spiritual discipline’ light?

And another article from Boundless about sleep which I just found then: A Third of our Lives.

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headtree.jpgLast night I got online to check if my pay and Centrelink had gone in. It turned out that work had payed me for the month – useful and I couldn’t see my Centrelink. Oddly the top balance didn’t match the total. But the top balance was enough to pay those two evil bills. I went scrounging and found a deposit of about two hundred dollars with the descriptor as MTS – the amount was a bit higher than my usual Youth Allowance fortnightly relief.


I went to bed in a nice oblivion (with a little of the standard Bec skepticism) thinking maybe someone had somehow put some money in my bank and perhaps I’d have one of those cool, “God has put money in my bank through some nice person” stories.

It turns out that I don’t have quite such a remarkable story to tell, in that the money did turn out to be my Centrelink. It is however a little higher than what I’ve been getting as a standard rate over the past few months and in working I would’ve expected that rate to drop, not rise.

The nice thing about last night was that in evaluating it all, I think I have pretty much let the thing (‘thing’ being the tightness of the reality) just sit and I’m okay with it. I don’t need a lot of excess. I do have people I can go to if I get absolutely stuck and I can bite my better reason in having to get a loan (very undesirable) if I really need to.

If you ever need a slap of perspective, take some time out to watch Turtles Can Fly.

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