• Designs that are almost there but not quite and really, really need to be because they are hugely annoying and are due shortly
  • Excessive Homework
  • Half written posts that will probably never get finished
  • Computers that are so stuffed that they interrupt half a day of work
  • Ebay buyers who like things tailored and so make things complicated
  • A messy room
  • Staying up late with no time to properly unwind before going to bed
  • Alarm clocks that go at 6:00am
  • Connex Trains (the token extra)

And with the ease of a pigeon falling off a clothesline, Rebecca slips back into comfortable pessimism.

Find her some enthusiasm, creativity, speed and sheer brilliance…

She’s already tried the coffee.

Life Uni

Seeing God do good stuff in my youth girls (and the boys)! They are almost all up at Soul Survivor for the week. I joined them this evening and I’ll shall return on Friday night. I was somewhat thrilled when the first main session lined up pretty well exactly with what we’ve been looking at over the past few months around not letting the world dictate who you are and much about building character and the pettishness of how we treat and believe the externals. Please pray for them.

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