farts.jpgIn my travels and thanks to another Bec who found me through advoc8, AND offered me some money saving tips, I have discovered Etsy.

What is Etsy?

Think Ebay, but classy and handmade/handcrafted.

I came close to buying a necklace/earings off there for the wedding (muahaha) when I suddenly clued that my sister can make perfectly nice jewelery and it’s definitely simple enough for her (No offense Em), thus saving myself about $60. If she’s nice.

Wow. I nearly spent money on something I’m not even sure is 100% right. What’s gottne into me!?

Despite the sometimes realistic, tedious but cheaper means of ‘DIY’, it can’t all be done and I really got fairly excited – that girly/indie/vintage/loving thing in me – looking around. It’s fun! I want it all!

The US dollar is down (I think that’s the right way of saying it) at the moment so the prices don’t vary too much, most sellers post everywhere for fairly reasonable prices- some sellers are Australian – even cheaper.

If you like… stuff go and have a look! Analise, my finger is pointing at you (And it’s sure not the middle one).

The website itself is quite appealing and the whole thing definitely has the tendency to be addictive.

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