pm-30342-medium.jpgHalf a thought as I was going to sleep last night about a certain strong (perhaps?) characteristic of my personality.

This is something I’ve only begun to realise with a few insightful comments from someone very close to me, it’s something I am sure has been going on for a very long time.

Much of it has to do with me being quite stubborn.

If I go into something with a particular mindset, my experience will be totally determined by that minset.  This of course usually works to my detriment and is possibly a driving factor in whole lot of things like – why I don’t like dancing…

This has also bought me to the realisation that my mind is very, very powerful.

Not in a creepy way. More in a ‘mauhahahaha’ way… or maybe that is creepy?

But what good I could do with it?!


I have given a little thought to something I need to have ready for Wednesday night. Last Wednesday at homegroup the idea was put forward to bring song/piece of music/movie clip etc. that explained where you are currently at with God. Here’s what I’ll probably use.This happens to possibly be my most favourite piece of classical music. This is slightly slower than usual and I’m only sharing the YouTube version because it is easiest.

Schubert Impromptu in G flat Major D899 No.3

I first heard it in the movie Gattaca, and given the right emotional potency, it probably makes me cry. I’m not sure whether it is because it can be perceived as quite a sad piece or simply because it is so beautiful.

Explanation to come.


Let me hit you with a mass of posts I have starred over the past few months. The last time I did this was back in October-November. These have either made the think, laugh, stop or have been somewhat impacting. Take some time to scout through the list, there’s some really good stuff there. Sometimes I feel quite proud be a blogger when I see others putting out content of this quality.

… and a few more killer posts that I can’t share because the links have died/moved or are temporarily unavailable. Sadness.


quiet-curtsy-2001_big.jpgDeadlines are interesting things.

I encountered another one today. This time at work and the implications are kind of exciting.

I am a tool in the world of advertising. I shall explain and then share the, ‘However’.

At about 9:30 this morning I get told that I need to chase down a printer to get 4,500 or so flyers printed by Tuesday. Not such an easy feat with the standard turnaround being 4-6 days. I did discover to my amusement that getting that much done at OfficeWorks costs approximately $7,000 which is about 7x the amount you have to pay when you elsewhere (even less). Anyway, I found one and then went about the task of revamping (ie: layout/other design stuff still sadly limited to Publisher and stock images) a ‘one pager’ for something my work runs. VisionGym (link goes to old pdf). Quite interesting stuff really. I’d love to go to some of their workshops and probably will get to eventually. I hope.


It turns out that this flyer is (despite being a piece of advertising) an insert into HR Monthy. A magazine that goes to 4,500 odd people. Now where have I seen that number again? Kind of cool for a first year design student/office girl going about her standard daily things.

Anyhoo. It was a layout job that didn’t have a huge amount of room to punch into weird fun art’ness, but I quite enjoyed myself, had to think a little about hierarchy (I guess uni is good for something) and got it done on time and it doesn’t look too bad and it’s hey, ‘real work’.

Yippee! Now I can claim fame as having made some insert for a real magazine… and then I’m sure be mightly embarrassed about the work quality a few years down the track.

Design Work

farts.jpgIn my travels and thanks to another Bec who found me through advoc8, AND offered me some money saving tips, I have discovered Etsy.

What is Etsy?

Think Ebay, but classy and handmade/handcrafted.

I came close to buying a necklace/earings off there for the wedding (muahaha) when I suddenly clued that my sister can make perfectly nice jewelery and it’s definitely simple enough for her (No offense Em), thus saving myself about $60. If she’s nice.

Wow. I nearly spent money on something I’m not even sure is 100% right. What’s gottne into me!?

Despite the sometimes realistic, tedious but cheaper means of ‘DIY’, it can’t all be done and I really got fairly excited – that girly/indie/vintage/loving thing in me – looking around. It’s fun! I want it all!

The US dollar is down (I think that’s the right way of saying it) at the moment so the prices don’t vary too much, most sellers post everywhere for fairly reasonable prices- some sellers are Australian – even cheaper.

If you like… stuff go and have a look! Analise, my finger is pointing at you (And it’s sure not the middle one).

The website itself is quite appealing and the whole thing definitely has the tendency to be addictive.

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