Before I finally recognise that we’ve settled full circle on having our reception at Geoff’s family’s property, I’d like to have a word (rant) to the caterers and venue hire places of the world.


  • If you bother listing yourself online anywhere you NEED to have a website and a website that works not just a phone number and a page that shows your contact details yet again.
  • Menus need to be actually present and comprehensive beyond just saying that you do desserts, duh, I want to know what.
  • Prices, prices, prices. I don’t care if you food costs a lot or a little but I won’t go chasing anything unless I see prices or there is something else really convincing.
  • Pictures are nice of your food, but I’d rather you left them off if the resolution is so bad you can’t see anything. And please… for the sake of keeping your company viable – put a tiny bit of effort into presentation!
  • Hidden costs are mean


  • You usually get the ‘where’ said, but how many guests can you fit seated/standing?
  • Menus please
  • Prices please
  • Time restrictions please
  • Photos that show something about the venue, I know what rose bush looks like
  • Real Wedding photos at the venue
  • Hidden costs are mean
  • Dates online where you are ‘booked out’ so I can see without doing all the chasing only to find it’s useless.

Life Words