I have come up with a solution for those ‘off days’ of blogging. I dare say many of you won’t appreciate it, but there is a list that I’ve found of 100 words every so and so should know. After years of slightly lessened reading in comparison to my past, I could use a little help. So while I wait/you wait/the blog waits. Here’s the first.


  • I didn’t already know it

ab·jure      [ab-joor, jur] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation –verb (used with object), -jured, -jur·ing.

1. to renounce, repudiate, or retract, esp. with formal solemnity; recant: to abjure one’s errors.
2. to renounce or give up under oath; forswear: to abjure allegiance.
3. to avoid or shun.

Elastic Vocab


2birds.jpgToday upped the count of the number of weddings I am to attended between now, and my own to five.

That’s right, I know no details, but my (most favourite) cousin Jaclyn has gotten engaged!!! I was extremely excited to hear. As far as I know they’re looking at making it sound late this year.

Congratulations to Jaclyn and Graeme!

So far no clashes, fingers crossed. This is one I attend no matter who else’s gets in the way.

Wedding count:

Geoff’s cousins x2 – Adelaide, Sydney
My cousins x2 – Melbourne, Melbourne
Friends x1 – Melbourne

Relationships Wedding

craigslist-furniture-by-kristiana-parn.jpgSaturday, Anne (Geoff’s mum) and I wandered into Kmart in search of a doona cover and there they lay, a stack of Harry Potter books – ignored, a mere 30 minutes after the manic rush.

Anne, Ron and later just Geoff and I spent the next few hours… morning… afternoon looking at three trillion home shops in search of a bed.

Logic goes: Geoff moves on Saturday why not buy a big bed now rather than move his single one and have to deal with it all later. I get a ‘say’ in that I have to like it in 6mths which complicates things probably by 200 because I’m a picky one and can’t seem to help it.

So much for that. After spending hours and hours and hours we left it for Sunday to ‘think on it’ (It = one of the few price worthy in hundreds of no-go’s).

This afternoon we returned preparing to buy it and be done with it, only to be left in mental foetal positions. There was a gaping awning where the bed should’ve been. Nothing. Gone. No red sticker. Just gone.

A rush to Ikea – which is a fair hike, we returned with 1/3 of a bed – the rest to be delivered tomorrow.


Budget and choicey don’t go together. It’s harder to cater for two tastes. I think though, that I was probably the biggest problem with that.

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If anyone is aware of there being discussion questions around evangelism in light of the documentary Hell House can you please shoot me an email, or post a comment. Thanks.

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