babymother.jpgGeoff has started discussing contraception over on the geoffreport, this has sparked some decent discussion.

The long and short of it for me without having done any intense research besides a few thoughts, reading Rob Bell’s Sex God, a few other marriage books and thinking about basic practicalities, is that post-January, I/we will opt for something slightly more definite than Natural Family Planning (and whatever methods with long names fit there) for the next while.

Devoid of theological, moral or otherwise ideals, this is simply the most practical and wins the question. I have 3 more years of uni and would like some semblance of having a stab at a job in the the real world doing what I love.

I’ll/we’ll consider the ramifications of whatever ‘sin’ we’re commiting by using the pill/equivalent when it is more convenient. *Someones jaw drops at the blatant selfishness*

By the way.

*I don’t think using the pill is a sin
*I don’t want a huge number of children
*I do one day want kids
*If by some ‘accident’ I have a kid before I finish uni – so be it, I’m sure it’ll be wonderful (But it’s a scary thought)
*I am not at all adverse to looking into other ‘methods’ when it becomes a bit more suitable

If you would like to read things about childbirth/contraception/midwifery, my sister Laura writes ALL about it (Lets even put a ‘mature content’ warning on it).

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