emugrass_110w.jpgI’ve been bashing around the florists of these parts for a little while now, in that I’ve checked a few out and gotten partial/full quotes off most.

So the full quote that I originally received from a very professional florist, really nice to deal with and both my little sisters had done work experience there was fairly pricey. Not so pricey that I didn’t totally baulk at going with them (because it was comparable to lots of the partial quotes), but enough to have me decide that I’d do a bit more scouting.

Today Laura and I took on up to a florist that is very local to where Geoff’s family live and only about 10mins to where my family live.

The price is a whole HALF what the other place was asking and she was also very professional and I had a good idea of the ‘style’ I was after fairly quickly

I am not committed to it yet, but these prices are beautifully plausible. And I’d be very willing to pay it, so someone who knows what they are doing can deal with the hassle of it all.