Back in July I talked about my first paid design gig. The invitations went to print quite a while back and I’ve finally received copies.

The invitation as a whole is fairly comprehensive – four parts. The formal invitation, event details, a reception details card and an rsvp card.

They’ve been printed beautifully – I didn’t arrange the printing for this one, as she knew a printer and got a fairly good deal on some verkotype a kind of heat/emulsion process of plastic wax where the pages go through twice so the text comes out raised. I’m fairly sure this is a less expensive method than embossing.

The seal was also turned into a wax stamp for closing the envelopes.

If you are after someone to design wedding invites or other, then please shoot me an email. I do not do this formally so availability and pricing are available upon request.

invitationrachael.jpg invites2.jpg raisedtext.jpg invitationfull.jpg

Design Wedding Work

About a month after our ‘idealistic’ due date for getting wedding invites out, we have belted the crap out of the mammoth task.

I had printed them a while back at home and my printer is still yet to recover, and we had pre-cut them all a few days before (thanks Ron and Geoff) and had to do all the folding, tying, cutting, writing…

Much thanks to Jess (for no less than three varieties of cupcakes), Caren (for the use of her house and her help), Ana, Laura, Anne, Geoff, Mum, Ron (who cut them up), Dad (who hassled me about addresses)…

So by tomorrow they should hopefully all be enveloped and sent out.

Laura I think had the most daunting task: ‘the fold’. When I have the invites on hand I will show a clearer photo of a ‘working model’. They look fantastic! I’m very happy with the result.

Cheers to all who indulged my invitation idea. It was no mean feat.

productionline.jpg workinghard.jpg laurafold.jpg invitationpile.jpg